A Mid-Day Post That Turned Into an Early Evening Post

Even though I slept in to almost 9:00 today and didn’t really get moving until noon I did get stuff accomplished 

  • Went to the post office and pharmacy. 
  • Went to the hardware store. 
  • Brushed and cut Norbert’s claws. He growled. 
  • Painted two mirror frames purple to match my new room.  
  • Took the headboard bed off my bed and sanded it to get ready for painting. 
  • Spread 6 bags of manure and 6 bags of topsoil. 
  • Cleaned up drywall. 
  • Watered some plants. 
  • Read blogs. 

Now I am sort of watching Grace & Frankie. It’s on but not really grabbing my attention. My body is aching.  There will be more stuff to do tomorrow.  Mostly now I want to crawl into the hot tub and go to sleep there for the night.  

17 thoughts on “A Mid-Day Post That Turned Into an Early Evening Post

  1. Not surprised you are tired and aching. You have achieved a heap.
    Bath and bed sounds good. Very good (but then they always do). I mourn that baths are no longer a viable option for me. A shower can be lovely, but is not the same.

    • I always feel sad for my clients that can’t have baths. They are so relaxing and therapeutic. So many illnesses cause pain and a bath would be wonderful. Have you ever considered a reverse mortgage and getting a walk in tub?

      • Not really. There are other priorities. And a bath should be HOT – which also causes difficulties. I do love my shower and my accessible bathroom though. And shouldn’t whinge.

  2. You were one busy girl. I will want to know what you think of Grace and Frankie. Everyone tells me to watch it but doesn’t sound like it is catching your attention.

    • It has its funny moments but the character Grace is just too much for me. Give it a few episodes. I don’t hate it. If the connection to my aunt wasn’t a factor I would probably love it.

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