A Post Before Bed

Well, we are home. It was a downpour driving home. The wipers on full blast and you still can’t see out the window. Thankfully, my husband was driving. He knows how I dislike it. All week I am in my car driving between clients. When I am on my days off my car sits and rarely moves. But yes, Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig! Laundry is in the washer. Messes tidied and put away. I worked on my 10 items for today’s Spring Fling. It was actually more than so that was good. Norbert is pretending to be angry. He does that when we go away. I’m not kidding. We have to shut all the bedroom doors because he get pissy.  By pissy, I mean he gets in a bad mood and pees on things. He has run away from home before when I’ve gone away.  He is only pretend to be angry. He is actually glad. 

Okay. That’s it. I’m going to bed. Looking forward to sleeping in my own bed. 

21 thoughts on “A Post Before Bed

  1. Good that you’ve enjoyed some time away, despite the feline antics…They really have a way of getting their feelings across, don’t they. Happy weekend.

  2. I hear you on the pissy front. We have had a number of cats who used their bladder to chastise us. Medlyn used to march down to the bathroom, pull the towels off the rail and defile them if he thought we talked on the phone for too long.
    And when himself’s sister stays with us, the kitty litter box is the house.
    And we love them anyway.
    Wellcome home. I hope it was truly wonderful and something to hug to yourself on dark days.

  3. I used to have a cat named Opie who ignored me when I left and came home. That beloved died. My current cat Ollie comes right to me and I’d like cling. Much easier. I’m glad you are home🌸 Josnne

  4. There’s no place like home, and nothing like sleeping in your own bed. My cat always punished us for a bit after we came home from a trip. They like to teach us a lesson.

  5. I completely understand what you mean about Norbert. Maurice has been ignoring me so much that I think I need to go away for a few days so she’ll appreciate me when I get back.

  6. Hmmm, you are being punished by your cat. We really are their servants aren’t we? I’m not a big fan of driving in those hard downpours, either. -Jenn

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