A Car Post

Last time my husband and I went away I wrote a post in the car and so I thought I would do another one.  We are driving along, listening to Neil Diamond. Does anyone not like Neil Diamond?

It is my annual Spring Fling. Every Spring I get rid of things I no longer need, want or use. Things that no longer serve a purpose get either donated, recycled or thrown out. My goal is ten items everyday for ten days. So far I have a lot of clothes.  I’ve lost weight and only a few pair of pants still fit. Because I’m cheap, I don’t want to buy new clothes until I hit my goal weight but it’s starting to feel like I a never going to get to my goal weight. It’s only 14 more pounds but there has been almost no shift since January.  My commitment is to do it sensibly so I won’t do anything drastic or unhealthy to get there. I have seen it over and over in my weight loss support group. Losing huge amounts of weight in short periods of time only to put it back on. One lady lost 160 pounds using some type of supplement. As soon as she stopped taking it she put on 36 pounds in a month. Another member has cut calories to 800 a day.  It is almost to impossible to maintain that.

Here is this. Last year we put out Mason bee tubes.  🐝 The bees gather mud, lay two eggs in each section then fill the rest of the tube with more mud. After that, they die.  Here are the tubes and the house the tubes go in.

This is what the inside of the tubes look like.

If you look you can see the larvae. In a week or so they’ll wake up and the process starts again.  They are great pollinators!

In other news, I’m pretty sure Norbert has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

We start our house painting next week. The colours have been chosen and the painter booked. I’m not sure how this is going to play out because I have a latex allergy. It should be okay as long as I don’t touch the paint and not be in the same room. And I have an Epi-pen. And I live close to a hospital. The night before I will take antihistamines.

We are in the middle of nowhere right now and I have to go to the bathroom. Story of my life.

24 thoughts on “A Car Post

  1. Have a wonderful time away.
    Of course Norbert has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I think most cats do.
    Because Jazz is a sufferer, my partner gets cat paralysis. Jazz curls up on his lap and refuses to move, and the skinny one is stuck to his chair. Cat paralysis doesn’t effect those of us who are prepared to move the cat…

  2. You make me laugh with your Norbert updates! I hope the painting goes well. Is it a bunch of rooms that you are having done? -Jenn

  3. Walk on water. Ain’t it like her? She leaves the children. Ain’t it right, ain’t it right, ain’t it right? One of my favs.

    Well done cleaning lady!!

  4. I’m in the same situation you are with the weight loss. I’ve lost 30, but my goal is to lose 20 more, and I’ve stopped losing… almost. I only lose a tiny bit each week or two. Non of my summer pants are going to fit, but I hate to buy more until I reach my goal. Sigh.
    I’m very interested in your Mason bee tubes. 🐝 I will have to do a search. We need to help our bees.

    • Weight loss is so hard. We have members in my weight loss support group that say keeping it off is even harder! ( I go to T.O.P.S.)

  5. It appears I have much research to do. Never heard of Mason bees or bee tubes. Meanwhile I used to journal when Ron and I took our long car rides. It definitely stimulates thought.

    • The Mason bees might not be native your area. Because the honey bee populations are struggling having Mason bees helps but only a teeny bit. I mostly find them entertaining.

  6. I’m sorry, but a Neil Diamond song sends me running for earplugs. My go to is Charley Brown, the Beatles and Christmas music…..hhahahahah. Not the ones like jungle bells, but the ones like God rest ye merry gentlemen let nothing ye dismay…. Sorry.

    Have a great vacation. You two need it. Maybe there is champagne ?

    • Ever since I’ve gone into peri menopause I can’t drink alcohol. It upsets my stomach and gives me hot flashes. Rather disappointing!

  7. Don’t like Neil Diamond, sorry. I just think he has a terrible voice for singing. I was wondering, isn’t there non-latex paint you can get?

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