On Acupuncture- I have been going. Had I mentioned that previously? Because my shoulder injury still causes me pain. Still no affirmative diagnosis. Physiotherapy didn’t help. The therapist is “WCB approved”. Which tells me that he will err on the side of WCB. Massage helps a lot but I can’t afford it even with my extended benefits. So acupuncture it is. How anyone ever thought that sticking needles into your body would be a good idea is a mystery. Not sure if it’s helping or not. Maybe a little.  I do love my acupuncturist though. He is a meek and gentle man that wears soft cardigans and has a calming voice. He is also doing cupping on me. Cupping is what you see on athletes.  It leaves circles wherever the cups were placed. He uses suction instead of the traditional flame.  Has anyone ever tried acupuncture? You have to stay very, very still while the needles are in place which is very hard to do. For me anyway. Nobody else receiving treatment in the room seems to have trouble. In fact, they fall asleep.

On Falling – I’ve worked in Home Support in some form or another for 16 years and have become quite good at it. Most seniors do not want to get a walker. They can fall daily and still not want to get one. “They are for old people”, is a common excuse. (“You’re 93!”  I do not say this out loud.). But I can get almost any senior to agree to a walker. I sit down and tell them about one of two scenarios. The first, they could fall, break a hip and die. It would be sad and an unnecessary way to go about dying. The other is this. It freaks them all out. They could fall, break a hip and end up in a FACILITY. I always stress the word facility. Or I use the words, a nursing home. I tell them they might have to wear a diaper and live in a geri-chair. They will have to be toileted. They will have to leave their home. This gets them every time. It has never failed to work. Have I already talked about this?  I think I have.

On Running – Do they still do the 12 minute run in high school? Maybe it was a Canadian thing. Or a British Columbia thing. Or maybe it was a diabolical creation of the PE teachers in my high school. My biggest problem was I had undiagnosed asthma and those runs would all but kill me. I would turn blue but didn’t realize that it wasn’t normal to be so out of breath. When I was 23 I was finally diagnosed and everything fell into place. No wonder I couldn’t run 15 laps like everyone else. I lagged behind. Far, far behind. I could get 3 on a good day.  It cemented my hatred for running. I do love swimming though. Love it. I feel more at home in the water than on land. It could say it was because I was a dolphin in my previous life but I think it’s because I’m a little bit chunky, even though I’m 25 pounds lighter than last August.

On Spring – It is a fabulously sunny day here. It actually hot for this time of year. Even Norbert has moved to the shade. Here he is sitting by the hot tub. He has scrunched and bunched up the towels I had out to suit his own needs.

On Flooding – Yesterday our kitchen sink flooded and ran into the basement. Water everywhere. It appears to have been just a loose pipe and has been fixed but what a mess! Oh well. At least it’s clean under the kitchen sink now. And the basement floor.

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  1. Sorry hear of your flooding. To answer your question, acupuncture did nothing for me whereas I benefit from both physiotherapy and massage. I’ve also had cupping with ho obvious change or benefit that I could see or feel. Enjoy your weekend.

    • I am pretty sure that massage would get me back on track. I am actually encouraging my daughter to think about massage therapy for a career. Set your own hours. And really, really good pay.

  2. Oh, you do make me laugh. But please don’t talk about walkers – they freak me out. I am a firm believer in choosing your own time to leave. It seems to me to be the most sensible thing.
    Gosh, Norbert is so pretty .

    • But doesn’t he have enormous ears. We don’t talk about them when he is in the room. We don’t want to hurt his “feeling”. 😁

  3. I remember taking my mother to a balance clinic which didn’t help her at all and one of the people working there advised her NOT to get a walker because she would become dependent on it. I got so mad and told him that if she had a walker she would feel more confident doing the things she loved- going to concerts and to church, for example. Because she knew her balance was terrible, she had started avoiding going out and I felt that if she got something to hold on to, she would be more apt to venture forth.
    But hell, I’m close enough to that age to wonder how I’ll react when I’m given “the talk.”
    Luckily, so far my balance is fine but I love my walking stick.
    Oh god. Getting old just sucks.

    • That is pretty much exactly what my client said to me. She was afraid of becoming dependent on it. And I said that it would help her get out and enjoy life. I spent 3 years of my career working with Occupational Therapists, a huge part dealing with mobility, falls and related equipment. Whoever told your mom she shouldn’t get a walker was wrong. What a terrible disservice.

  4. The dreaded facility would work on me too. Norbert and Jazz are definitely related. Brothers separated by the oceans.
    Sigh on the flooding – and high tens (five are not enough) for your weight loss.

  5. A few of us take care of an 87 year old woman in our neighborhood. She can barely walk. She needs a hip replacement and won’t get it. She is 78 lbs. We got her a walker and she hangs clothes on it. She will use her cane. She fell in the street and cut her head open. It’s frustrating. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink or so my patent’s dr used to say… I had cupping with no results but never tried acupuncture. Massage would be awesome. I love Norbert! Does he only have one feeling? Joanne

    • It is absolutely without certain, one feeling. Try the FACILITY tactic on her. “We love you and want you to stay in your home. It would be terrible to fall and end up having to leave your home over a fall.” I think the reason I can pull it off is my passion for staying at home if at all possible until the end of life. I have seen hundreds of seniors end up in a home because they fell. Very preventable in many cases. Very least, get up any area rugs and other tripping hazards. A commode by the bed is helpful. Many falls happen while getting up to go to the bathroom.

  6. Hey Birdie! I have had acupuncture for two different maladies. One was to increase the energy flowing along something or other to improve my immune system. I would love to say it worked but it didn’t and it wasn’t covered under my drug plan so I stopped doing it because it cost too much (and I wasn’t seeing any benefits). The second was lower back pain and unfortunately, it didn’t do anything (the cupping hurt like a bugger – she would move the cup around and increase the suction each time). Honestly, the only thing that helped was physio and just moving a whole lot more and starting to do weights again. I sincerely hope you find something that works for you!! (I remember the twelve minute run- I hated it). -Jenn (Norbert looks positively serene in that picture).

    • So it wasn’t just my PE teachers. It must be a Canadian thing.
      Norbert pretty much always looks serene. He has no job, no stress. He gets food that he has never once, offered to help pay for. He gets Temptations and pets and scritches on the chin. He stretches out each day in front of the fire which doubles as a sunny spot at a certain time of day. And yes, I am jealous. I’m jealous of a generic grey tabby house cat.

  7. Amazing how you can get something across to us old folks when you say the phrase “Old Folks Home.”
    Acupuncture is pretty good. It was working for my back for a while. It was good when it worked.

  8. HAHA! You always make me smile. I had a good laugh with the way you persuade some of your clients to use a walker. My mother had a neighbour that refused to use a cane even though she desperately needed one. Well, she did fall and end up in a hospital, from which she never returned home. She died not long after being admitted. Another one of her neighbours fell, broke her hip and ended up in a ‘facility’, also from which she never returned home. They had her drugged up to a point that she didn’t recognize anyone and she died after a few months in the ‘facility’. Stories like that scare the devil out of you. Should I be fortunate to live long, I’ll use a walker, cane…whatever…when the time comes!

  9. I totally saved Norbert’s awesome picture to my phone for an emergency pick-me-up scenario! He reminds me of a healthier, more stout version of my beloved childhood cat, Tiger ❤

    Never done that cupping thing but I have heard of it. Didn't realize those funny shapes it leaves though it makes total sense!

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