I Forgot About This

When I was on my blog break my 13th blogging anniversary passed.  Sorry, the word blogiversary annoys me. No idea why.  It just does. My first blog is here if you are interested. I had a few blogs in between my first and this one. One I lost completely. It seems I am one of the few that has held out this long because nobody that read my first blog still writes except for Cathrine at Weeding the Garden.  Does anyone else ever go back and read their own posts?  I rarely do. And when I do I usually don’t remember whatever it was that I wrote about. Maybe that is the point of keeping an online journal.  To remember. Maybe one day my great, great, great, great grandchildren will read this.

My husband hasn’t missed his yellow shirt yet.

Absolutely nothing interesting happened today at work. I did get lost. How a person can get lost when she has lived in the same city since birth and has a functional GPS is beyond me but I manage to do it. Rather consistently, I might add.

Canadian is taking off Call the Midwife the roster. How dare they! Just so you US people know,  Canadian Netflix isn’t the same as American Netflix. It has about 1/3 the titles. We still don’t have Seasons 4 and 5 of Call the Midwife.

OMG! I just saw the first fly of 2017. I shall kill it.

Nevermind.  It was the outside, not on the inside. It has escaped a certain death.

25 thoughts on “I Forgot About This

  1. Thirteen years! Amazing! Good for you, Birdie!
    And I am SO glad to hear that someone besides me who, when she goes back and reads old posts she’s written, can’t remember any of that ever happening.

  2. Thirteen years??How old were you then? Anyway, congratulations that is a real accomplishment in my book!

    What??!!!! You have less Netflix than we do? And you don’t have season’s 4 or 5 of Midwife?
    That is so sad. I would not be able to cope with life if that was the same here. I wish there was someway you could get it. Down here you can get it all on Youtube. I wonder if you have Youtube the way we do? Fingers crossed 🙂

  3. Congratulations on your blog Birthday Birdie! That is fantastic! You must have been an early adopter. How wonderful for your kids and future grandkids to go back and be able to read one day. Happy day! Joanne

  4. Happy annibloggingversary! I think mine is 5 or 6 years old. Lost count. Anywho, have you ever seen London Hospital. It’s very good. I’m only on the second season. I’m watching through Dramafever. You pay $4 a month for it. It’s worth it I think.

  5. It was fun to read your first blog! I feel like I should do that for all the blogs I read. You’ve been at this for a long time.

    • My kids were so young. I miss that time. I wish I had written more but I was dealing with depression even back then and was a single mom. Not enough energy or enough time!

  6. Happy anniversary Birdie. I am glad you are back from your break. Funnily enough I too have had the pleasure(not) of seeing my first fly of 2017. It was yesterday. I was managing not to see it if you know what I mean, but the young woman I was with at the time had a bad reaction to it and started flapping around. It then started to dive bomb her and as I was sitting next to her, me also.

    How great to have the blog to look back on. I too am finding it harder and harder to remember my week and fear I may have early signs of dementia. By the time Saturday arrives I find it hard to remember the week. I think this is called living in the moment. I used to want to remember everything I feel or think and that was tiring but I felt more in control. Now I just don’t have the energy to care or worry as much which is great but feels wierd. I lost my first blog too, well I deleted it which is sad.

    • She had a bad reaction to a fly and it started dive bombing her? That is so weird and kind of funny. A fly with a mean streak and a vendetta. I would have killed it for sure. I really do think I have early signs of dementia. It scares me sometimes.

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