They Are Back

Just when you think about selling your house and moving to Yuma, Arizona, the sunniest place on earth, the crocuses bloom and poof, just like that you are headed outside to pull weeds. It’s been a long winter. Yes, it has. Sitting on my place on the love seat I can see the tree in front of our house starting the tiniest buds of green. You have to really look but they are there.

This morning my husband and I went and looked at paint samples.  Now, let me be honest. They are all the same to me. Red. Orange. Yellow. Green. Blue. Indigo. Violet.  Black. White. Fortunately there was a lovely young woman there named Nyomi that was cute as a button that helped us decide. We chatted about the unusual spelling of her name and her creative mom. She told me that her mom is amazing and very different. Well, Nyomi’s mom. You raised a great woman. Yes, you did.

Do you know where my husband is right now? He has gone to pick up some lumber that he saw thrown into the bushes by the side of the road. I have married my father. My dad does that. If he sees something free on the side of the road he will pick it up. Used to drive my mom crazy.  My dad was and still is a pack rat. My husband, not so much but he does love a bargain. He is going to use this free lumber to make another raised garden which I think is a great idea.

G (I don’t know why random letters show up in my posts. A few days ago it was a Q.  Wordpress won’t let me delete them.)

This is how close Norbert is sitting to me right now.  I do love the beast.

12 thoughts on “They Are Back

  1. I capture good things from the curb. I got myself some great patio chairs that someone was done with. Call me cheap… they were just the right color too! Glad your bedroom is coming together! Glad you wrote again today. I missed you yesterday😍 Norbert is beautiful! Joanne

  2. Why not use free wood that someone so thoughtfully left on the side of the road? I would. So glad that spring is beginning to show her colors to you.

    • I agree. It’s the TV’s and such that he brings home that I cringe at. I never say anything though. I don’t want to hurt his feelings.

  3. My partner is a complete pack rat. The garage is full of his acquisitions. And so is the house. However, my books take up an incredible amount of space too, so I can’t say anything. Or can’t say anything and be fair.
    Hooray for Spring.
    And Norbert.

    • I have a lot of books too. But so does he. But, I love him and don’t mind just letting the acquired stuff getting overlooked.

  4. Maybe the letters that appear randomly will eventually spell something. Lol! I have two, very hardy daffodils coming up but we are now getting the winter storm that blew through your end of the country so I hope they don’t succumb to the shocking cold. It went from 15 degrees c to -15 in a day. (Pouts)

  5. Up close and personal with Norbert and Crocuses. Weather is a funny thing this year. I’m currently vacationing in the American Rockies where it’s 50 degrees and back on the east coast it’s a winter wonderland, in March. I think this explains why subsistence farmers in Ethiopia are dying of starvation.

  6. I put all kinds of stuff outside my driveway and they are gone withing 2 hours. Great way to get rid of stuff and nice to know someone will use them.

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