It’s Only a Matter of Time Until I Go Mad

Mary Moon did a blog post the other day saying she had been in an itchy mean mood all day. We all have days like that don’t we? I left a comment on Mary’s blog about my own grumpy days. Most days, I am pretty cheerful. Ask my clients. Don’t ask my husband or my kids.

My comment (with a few edits) was, 

… I live across the street from a provincial park so we get a lot of people walking by our house. Sometimes, if I am in a  foul mood I think about shouting curses at them out my front window. The joggers who run up and down my street about 20 times in a row in spandex who always look totally miserable but especially pious would be my first object of scorn. Then the people who smoke and flick cigarette butts on the road. I would yell at young children and tell them how we acted in “my” generation. Nobody would be safe from my scorn if I just went with it one day. I wonder what would need to happen to put me over the edge and get to that point? It’s a precarious situation. One day. One day.

PS- If you look closely you can see the tiny green buds on my tree in front of my wondow. I have named the tree Brianna. 

10 thoughts on “It’s Only a Matter of Time Until I Go Mad

  1. I guess I’ve gotten too old. I tolerate so much in my old age that nothing seems to bother me. Well, with exception to the wild cats across the street that use my front gardens for their own private toilet. I guess that can be first on my short list.

  2. I’d just be hoping one of those pious joggers would trip and fall, not to get hurt but to give me a good laugh. Yup, we all have our bad days, just glad that they aren’t too many cause I most certainly would have no family or friends left if bad days ruled.

    • Your comment! Bwhahaha! I would most definitely go out and check on them I can’t say I wouldn’t smile. I trip all the time and it’s hilarious. I am a bull in a china shop.

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