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This to my U.S. friends. This afternoon a client had the news on and an American Town Hall program was on. A Republican got up and said something along the lines that Canadians and English citizens have free access to healthcare and we are regularly turned down for surgeries. Not true. I have never, ever been turned down for a surgery, and I have had several. No family member or friend has ever been turned down. When my mom had Ovarian cancer she was not turned away or given anything less that excellent care. I work in the healthcare field and no client has ever, ever gone without a needed surgery.  In fact, any healthcare received has been 100% covered. (I can’t speak for England. Joey? Can you tell us?) I’m not saying this to try and say how much better Canada is because it’s not. We sometimes have long wait times in non-emergency cases. I am saying this because I am angry that US  politicians are using deceit and fear to try to sway good and honest Americans to think that Universal Health Care is a bad thing.

Okay, that rant over.

We have a small municipal referendum today. It is voting yes or no for the city to borrow 80 million dollars to finance a hockey rink. I have never seen so many people divided over an issue! People are angry on either side. It is what everyone seems to be talking about. For the record, I voted no.  My daughter came with me today and it was her first time voting. She voted no as well. I was actually surprised that she knew so much about the issue. I was so proud. I was going to take a picture but you aren’t allowed to take pictures at polling stations.

Putting the cart before the horse, I ordered a quilt for my bedroom. Since you all have not ever met me you don’t know that I rarely wear makeup. The only jewelry I wear is my wedding band and on my days off, my engagement ring.  It can scratch the thin and fragile skin of my elderly clients and is unsanitary. My clothes are simple and fit into one tiny closet. But I love a pretty and feminine bedroom! I love the traditional “girly” colours like pink and purple. I like things with flowers. Last night I went to and ordered this. I spent way too much.  am very cheap thrifty and rarely spend money on silly things but I decided to get this after several hours of getting to the point of giving my credit card information then deleting what was in my cart and leaving the site. Anyway, it’s ordered and on its way. I don’t expect you all to love it, everyone has different tastes. But I love it!

Okay. That’s all I got.

And again, I can’t edit this post. What’s up, WordPress?

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  1. So pretty. I love lavender! You will love your new bedroom. You deserve the overhaul. Enjoy! I’m glad you went for it. Joanne

    • I am going to take before and after pictures. It is AWFUL right now. It was my daughter’s bedroom and a ghastly green. She had it looking cool but I do not like it!

  2. You will enjoy the bed spread. Always go with you gut.
    I don’t know anyone in Canada or England, so it’s good to hear your perspective on health care. If the Republicans’ plan passes, 15M stand to lose their health care. It will be devastating to those families. There are diabetics on insulin, people on blood thinners, people who are fighting cancer. What will they do? It’s so disturbing.

    • I always worry about my posts on medical care because I don’t want to offend anyone. I don’t want to across as having all the answers. But the lie that we don’t get needed surgery made me angry. I would fight the right to Universal Health Care to the death if I have to. It works. And it is a right, not a privilege. xo

  3. Have you not noticed that Americans are (a) ignorant, and (b) lie a lot?
    And of course, (c) spout off about things they don’t know?
    Just saying.
    That quilt is beautiful! I love it! I’m so glad you bought it!

    • Only some, Mary. Usually the rich, that in this case, will potentially profit from making Care only available to those who can afford to pay for it.

  4. Yup I am Canadian also and although I don’t live in the same place you do Birdie no one here has ever been denied necessary surgery. In fact because we live in a small town we can get certain surgeries faster than in the larger cities because the wait times are shorter. If you have an emergency surgery you will get it right away. You may have to wait for non-emergency surgery but wait times vary depending on where you live and also on your Dr. and his or her rating your surgery in importance. My mom got her hip replacement with less than a 3 month wait. I’d fight to defend and keep our Canadian Universal Health Care. It may not be perfect but no one goes without necessary medical care and no one goes broke to stay alive or pay for medications.
    I love that bedding too!

      • Three months is extremely fast for a hip replacement. She had been in pain for a long time but you have to be at a certain level to get on the list for replacement. Her Dr. got her on early and since hip replacements aren’t done all the time at our small local hospital she got in really fast so wasn’t in pain for long. She also had knee replacement surgery and once her Dr. determined she needed it she was scheduled within a month. In other larger cities people can wait for 8months or more for these kind of surgeries.

  5. I am so glad that you treated yourself. About time..
    We too have universal healthcare. The waiting periods for non essential surgery can be long. However if you need an operation, you get it. And the care and the quality of the surgeons is exemplary.
    I am so sorry that politicians need to lie to get their point across. Sadly he (and I bet it was a he) will be believed.

  6. As an American, it embarrasses me to see and hear the politicians overtly lying and attempting to manipulate their constituencies this way. Thank you for speaking up, Birdie. I know that people will die with these changes to healthcare policy. Our politicians are morally bankrupt.Your quilt and room will be very pretty. I hope you enjoy them. You deserve them.

    • Everyone deserves access to free health care. I remember talking to a friend on US several years ago. Her son was having an asthma attack. I thought she should get him up to the ER. She said she couldn’t because they didn’t have insurance. That was the first I knew about a non UHC system. It confused and saddened me.

  7. Republicans are liars. No matter what, they will lie their butts off just to get someone to see things their way. Sorry that they use y’all like that. It’s just not right.
    I love your bedroom. The color is perfect. It looks something like French country style. Very pretty.

    • I don’t care what they say about Canada. We all know the truth. I am angry that he is deceiving Americans to cause fear. No doubt most Americans think what he said was true.

    • Frugal is a good word. I think I picked up the word in Girl Guides. Guide Law Song (old law)

      A Guide’s honour is to be trusted, loyal is she,
      Helpful to others, a friend to all and a sister to each other.
      A Guide is courteous, a friend to animals, obedient is she. Smiles, sings, is thrifty, pure in thought, word and deed.
      The obedient makes me cringe.

  8. Share photos of your bedroom when it’s all set up. I’d love to see it.

    It is very annoying when American politicians lie to the people, especially about our healthcare which they know nothing about. If it wasn’t for our universal healthcare, my parents would have been broke. My dad had cancer twice and he not only got his surgery covered with one of the best surgeons in the field, he got amazing medical treatment in every way. And he spent enough time in the hospital both times that would have cost a small fortune. But it was all covered! So they were able to keep their savings and their home. This is wonderful because my mom who is now a widow has her home and enough money in the bank to live comfortably. My parents were always on the lower income level, so getting insurance would have been next to impossible. Thank goodness for universal healthcare!

    • The same would have been true for my mom. Both parents were blue collar workers. My dad a mill worker and my mom a cashier at a Coop.

  9. Over here in the UK (England is but one part) we have the National Health Service. No one is turned down or turned away. Like you we might have to wait our turn, but we are treated.

  10. True or not, the republican most likely believes it to be true. We can all recite an instance of someone in a nationalized health care system that had to wait months of a CT scan or what not. We don’t deal well with the truth that it happens here too, and then we have to pay for it.

    • We do have waits. Though my ultrasound for my shoulder was only 3 days. I do have to wait until June for a CT scan. But better than not getting it at all because I don’t have insurance.

  11. Love the bedding!

    Hate what my country calls health care. It’s all very good as long as you have money! I’ve always gotten great care cause I’ve always had some form of insurance. Many, and I mean many, of the people I know just never bother going to the doctor because they cannot afford to step in the door, let alone buy the prescriptions. But they are not considered poor so they get no help from the state or the feds. Decent healthcare should be basic right in this 1st world country that has so much.

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