Not Again!

It’s snowing. Again. It March! It is not supposed to snow here much at all and yet, it is snowing like it means it.








Q (why is that Q there? It won’t delete for some reason.)

Here’s something that happened during my blogging break. I was going through my cedar chest. It was beautiful once upon a time until my daughter, about 7 at the time, decided to write her brother’s name on it thinking he would get in trouble. Of course I recognized the hand writing as hers and not his. The chest was in miserable shape so I decided to put the downstairs TV on it. The TV that isn’t even plugged in. Out of sight out of mind, right? (Remind me to get that huge thing hauled away.)  A couple of weeks ago I was looking for something, I can’t remember what, and I started cleaning the chest out. Piles upon piles of kids homework and art projects. Old newspapers. Photos. The clothes that my kids wore home from the hospital. (So teeny tiny!) All sorts of stuff. And this. I thought this painting was lost or I had got rid of it on one of my purges. I have been looking for it for years. At least 6. The reason it was so special is it was given to me by my great aunt in her will. She never had any children. She was a gifted artist and an even better poet. She had a book of poetry published.  Copies were only ever given to her family and members of her congregation but they are just beautiful. When I started doing genealogy the importance of family grew in me. I started focusing and learning about the women in my family. God knows we have heard about the men. Over the years I have learned a lot about my female family members.  As far back as my 4x great grandmother.  And the woman who did this painting.  Auntie Betty. She married a horrible man. As far as I know she left him but remained married. Because she was a good Christian woman. She obviously had her escape in poetry and art. When I found this out the painting meant so much more to me. It was a piece of her heart. It is only a small oil painting. About 5 x 11 but I love it.

There are all sorts of typos in this post but for some reason I can edit it.  Meh.

22 thoughts on “Not Again!

  1. How wonderful that you finally found that painting. It is beautiful. Have you ever considered re-finishing the cedar chest?

  2. How fantastic that you found that painting, Birdie! And here in Montreal it has been known to snow even in MAY….well, the first week of May, anyway, but it doesn’t stay. 🙂

  3. A lovely surprise, life kindly does that to use once in awhile. It’s beautiful. Are you going to frame it?

  4. What a WONDERFUL find.
    Frame it in something which will go with your new lavender bedroom – it would a lovely thing to see first thing in the morning (and last thing at night).
    Stay warm, stay safte.

  5. Isn’t it great to find something you’ve been looking for! I imagine it was quite a trip down memory lane going through the cedar chest. How come nobody has a cedar chest anymore? I remember girls collecting china for their “hope chests”. My mom had a cedar chest – don’t even know what happened to it.
    Do you think you might frame the little painting? Maybe for your soon-to-be-painted room? -Jenn

  6. A potent memento. Just the fact that you found it during a “down” time and it cheered you up fills me with hope for the power of love across generations, across that great divide.

  7. Lovely finding treasures that connect us to our past. Hopefully we also learn from them. Do you have a creative outlet? I’m told it’s very important but artistically I am rather challenged.

  8. I was going to email you yesterday to ask if you were getting snow again because I saw it on the weather radar. That’s a pretty painting. I would have it framed and hang it near the door to your bedroom so you can see it when you go out.

  9. Heck, where did my comment go? It was a really good one….hahah.
    Anyway, I love you picture, great for a lavender bedroom!

  10. Funny story about your daughter writing her brother’s name in the chest. Kids are a hoot. So glad you found that beautiful painting. We got started on but kind of let it go. It’s time to get back to it. Sorry about your snow. We’ve had a lot of wind.

  11. It is always exciting to find treasures right under our noses. I recently dragged out an old hassock and opened up a wealth of memories. This morning I was shocked to awaken to a clear day because I was expecting lots of snow since I dreamed we had a lot. LOL

  12. My Mr B is currently in Boston, two days later than planned (due to snow), the photos he is sending back to me are incredible ! Snow like we have never seen before in NZ

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