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This morning I woke up and decided to actually go to the doctor. It was early when I woke up for the 6th time having to go to the bathroom. At the stroke of 9:00 I called my doctor’s office and no, they could not fit me in but I could go to the drop in clinic, oh joy.  I got dressed and made my way there. “There are 92 people ahead of you”, said the kindly receptionist. Okay, that is a lie. There were only 8. She handed me a cup in which I peed. Then I sat and waited. I got into the doctor after 76 hours (or maybe it was 45 minutes) and the doctor told me that the antibiotics I was given on January 19th were not the right antibiotic. Nor was the one given to me in February. So I have had this UTI since about January 15th. Gah! Anyway, I am antibiotics again and desperately hoping that it goes away this time.

I’m glad you all like the colour I have chosen for my bedroom. I’m getting excited because I haven’t had a pretty bedroom since I was about 8 when my mom and (step) dad painted it pink and bought new curtains and bedspread that I called a breadspread. I’m also going to get a new nightstand because the one I have now is a prepac wood monstrosity that I don’t like at all. I’m also looking at a new light fixture because the one I have now is Holly Hobbie. She tells me to Start Each Day in a Happy Way. Piss off, HH. She obviously didn’t ever have to get up at 6:30 while it’s still dark out and drive in the snow. Anyway, I’m also getting new curtains and a  duvet cover. I miss my kids but I finally have extra money to spend on myself. I feel selfish for saying that.

I was so tired today so I had a nap but didn’t actually sileep. Other than going to see the doctor today I did nothing. Nothing.  Well, I unloaded the dishwasher. I did a load of laundry. And watched Call the Midwife. And I have every intention of going to bed early.

Even though it’s been cold there are teeny tiny buds starting to show. 12 days until the first day of spring.

15 thoughts on “So This

  1. The wrong antibiotic? Twice?
    Hiss and spit. Loudly. I hope third time is the charm.
    And yes, you do deserve the tiny treats you are giving yourself. And I suspect both of your children would agree.

    • I wanted the Holly Hobbie oven more than anything when I was little. And then Santa brought it. Then my brother ate all the cake mixes. That was that. I have to say that HH is a depressed and anxious person’s nemesis.

  2. So what exactly is the “right” antibiotic? That’s atrocious that you saw two docs before getting the right medicine. I hope it works and good luck with your new room…

  3. 45 minutes? That was quick! I’m very proud of the NHS in the UK, but the waiting times to see a doctor at a hospital are at least 2/3 hours (on a good day).

    I’m with Debra, ditch the light fixture!

  4. It always looks like hundred ahead of me and the wait always feels like hours instead of minutes. When sick help can’t come fast enough. Bless your heart. WRONG ANTIBIOTICS TWICE!!! That’s just wrong.

  5. Holy shit girl! The wrong antibiotic. I can just imagine your kidneys being infected with this UTI now because of all that time. I would be furious with my doctor and let him/her know about it. I do hope that this antibiotic does the trick. Sometimes if you have to go to a clinic like the one you went to, you can get great information on a better doctor to go to. That’s how I got mine. I don’t know if it would work for you in Canada, but it does here.

    • I have something similar in my car but they take forever to get on and off. I will remember these for next year. Hoping I won’t need them and the weather goes back to normal.

  6. Thank God you are finallly going to get over this – so awful for it to go on for so long!

    I detest HH….my mother had her plastered all over the house, well bathrooms mostly (what’s with that?) I think my mother was a HH groupie. I’m so happy you get to redecorate your bedroom make it e xa ct ly like you want it to be….you will sleep better that way :), go for it!!!xx

  7. You did what you needed to do to take care of yourself today. UTIs that hang on can really zap you. I hope this new antibiotic does the trick. And I understand missing the kids while not missing the (in my case) chaos. I might attend to the house myself once our girl moves out in a month. One month! Feel better, friend.

  8. “Breadspread” sounds awesome :o) I’m glad you got the right antibiotic. That sounds miserable! I can’t believe that got missed. Feel better, friend :o)

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