I’m Weary

I am. All this Trump stuff is just too much. Since he was elected I have twice been accused,  in a round about way,  that my words were hateful or racist. These comments came from kind and decent people and leave me feeling sad and confused. Both times it has caused me so much distress that I have trouble sleeping. One of the most basic tenets of my Quaker religious beliefs (along with Pacifism) is Equality. My dad was a Union rep who fought for rights and equality in the workplace so these beliefs were something I learned young. And no matter how hard I try to explain myself, I just dig myself deeper.

This Trump thing has me on edge. I am typing comments and deleting, retyping and deleting because I am afraid my words will be taken the wrong way. That isn’t what blogging has ever been about for me. It was about working my way out of depression and anxiety but now it is causing depression and anxiety. And so, like Facebook, I am taking a break. Maybe this Trump thing will settle down but it’s very unlikely. It has caused so much divisiveness, even amoung people who are standing together.

I will be reading your posts but not likely commenting. As I say, I am weary. And this is not about anyone, please don’t think that.  It’s about me. I have things I need to work through and blogging isn’t a place to do it. Namaste.


Addendum- I  had turned off comments then realized it wasn’t fair to you. They are back on.

20 thoughts on “I’m Weary

  1. Personally, I no longer read political blog post. The fighting and nasty words from both sides and various countries is noise and clutter, and that is not how I spend my fun time.

    So my question to you is how much more of this clutter and noise will you continue to let in?

  2. You’re so not alone with this Trump thing. He’s so incredibly divisive. Do what is best for yourself, of course. Hugs to you.

    • I’m doing okay. Just doing some introspection. I have always been way too sensitive about hurting others. Hurting someone’s feelings causes me so much emotional pain. Just today one of my Nurse leaders told me I take way too much on emotionally. I think taking a break keeps me in a safe place. Thank you so much for thinking of me and stopping by. I think about you and all my US blogging friends often. I hope you are finding time to recharge emotionally each day. Much love to you, Angella.

      • Snow is not something you usually get a lot of, I recall you saying. Hope it melts soon for you. Great to read about your new pantry. I love having like-stuff all in the same area. So functional.

        We are to build a new pantry down the line that will fit the space better. The one we have now (see my latest post for a picture of it), is just too clunky for the kitchen.

        Thanks for sharing your story with me.

  3. I understand and am sorry to hear that you’ve been having such a bad time! Hope you have a rejuvenating break and find some peace and hope (and if you find any extra you can send it down here!) ❤

      • My home now is 1800 which was fine when my kids were home. I loved in a 950 sq foot condo and liked a small place. If it was just me I would be happy with about 500 but my husband is a collector of things. Oh, well! Better a bigger place with him and his stuff than alone without him and his things.

  4. Wow 1800, that a castle by me. But I get what you’re saying about the collecting and having space.

    Our trailer is 13 feet wide and it feels plenty big now with all the cabinets and cupboards, shelves and such, gone, along with 95 percent of my own stuff gone.

    70 feet long would be far too big for me alone. But Bug our smaller dog loves running all the way up and down the 70 feet. she’s like The Flash.

    Headed to bed soon. Wishing you a strong week ahead. Fun chatting with you.

  5. Hi Birdie. I miss you even though I’m rarely around. Have a week off so had been trying to catch up. Blessings to you. It’s very sad isn’t it? The world. However it is also very joyful and there are lots of people feeling similar to how you feel right now. We are all just trying to make our space in the world a little bit better more loving and kind and you bring so much laughter and love Birdie. We can’t fix everything and we are not responsibile for everything. We are all just muddling through and trying not to hurt anyone. Everyone is hurting. at the same time there is a lot of love out there and people want to understand each other and how to help. I hope you are ok lovely Birdie. Please take care and know that you are loved.

  6. Hi Birdie

    Just stopping by to say hello and happy Valentine’s Day. I am a firm believer in telling people they are loved, (well most people). You are clearly loved by all of your readers. x

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