I Really am a Sluggard


Me Today. Only on a Sofa. 

You were all so impressed with me yesterday and now the truth will come out. After work today I did pretty much nothing. I cuddled my grandsnake and cleaned out the downstairs fridge.  (We have a bachelor’s suite down there that my kids were using to hang out in when they lived at home.) And I took the garbage and kitchen waste/green bin to the road. Work was not particularly stressful but it did seem like a long day.  One client did tell me that I was lovely so that was pretty nice. She was having a tough day so I went the extra mile for her. Actually, I try to go the extra mile for all the people I care for. Sometimes their lives are not good or happy so I try to make them laugh or make a extra special breakfast. It’s not hard.  It’s easy to grill some tomato with breakfast to make it look nice. My dad raised me to leave everything better than I found it. So I do.

Tonight, I am going to bed extra early.  7:30 early. I will read the sleep. Two of my favourite things.


14 thoughts on “I Really am a Sluggard

  1. Although I liked your whole post, the winning line is, “I cuddled my grandsnake” Now that’s not something you read every day! -Jenn

  2. Hush, hush about cuddling that grandsnake. Ugh. I am often tempted to go to bed at 7:30 but resist the urge because it is just too, too early. I do everything possible to hold off until at least 8:30.

  3. I’m leaving a comment here because I think you closed comments on your most recent post. I just want to say I understand how you’re feeling and have contemplated taking a break myself. I am so sorry you’ve felt accosted. You are such a good and decent person, such a loving soul, it is completely unfair. People are too quick to take offense lately, too raw, the world is suddenly so terrifying. I will miss your posts and comments and really hope the feeling of upset passes and you’ll be back soon. Please know I adore you and wish you peace always. I’ll be watching this space for you. Big love dear Birdie.

    • I will be okay. I am just saddened that my words are hurting people. That is not who I am. Not at all. When my mom was a teenager she almost died. It was the whole going to the light thing. She then heard a voice saying it wasn’t her time and she would have a child that is a humanitarian and peacemaker. When My words start causing people pain I have to take a look at myself and figure out what is going on.
      I will be okay. Just need time to step back and find my place again.
      Thank you so much for your comment. Much love to you.

  4. I want to beg you not to stop writing but if need a break that wouldn’t be fair. I can’t imagine your words causing pain. You are so loving and caring. That said, of course do what you must and please come back again soon. I love you Birdie and you save me a little each day. Take good care of yourself. Joanne

    • I am hurting people with my words and causing them pain. This breaks me. It is not the person I want to be. Everyone is so upset right now and I don’t want to cause another person to stumble on this already difficult walk. My depression and anxiety have never been about my own personal life but all the hate and anger because we are different from one another. Both times my words were taken out of context and turned around to mean something entirely different. I don’t want to do that to another person. For me, causing someone pain or hurting them in anyway is one of the worst things I can do. I have been blogging for 13 years and have never had anyone upset with me before. Like I said, I’m sad and confused.
      I think I will open up the comments. It isn’t fair to not let people have their say.
      Thank you, Joanne.

  5. The collective anxiety and anger about this idiotic tyrant is something that I have never seen here before. It’s the free fall, knowing it will end but not knowing when, that is draining.

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