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I started a post yesterday but, poof, it disappeared into the interweb tubes. I’m pretty sure Norbert is responsible.  Now, what did I write about? I had an ultrasound on my shoulder yesterday. It was only a 3 day wait. The MRI is in June so there is a wait for that. The perks and disadvantages of Universal Health Care. And no, I am not complaining.  It is a wait but a fair and just system. If it was an emergency I would be seen immediately.  With the way things are today, the results for the ultrasound will already be at my doctor’s office so I will have to make an appointment to find out what’s going on.
This morning I got up and it was dark.  It has been for months.  But there is a tiny noticeable difference in that it isn’t as dark as long. By the time my second client rolls around it’s getting a little bit light. When I was at work today I wrote myself a note to do 2 things when I got home.

1. Drain and refill hot tub.

2. Make soup. Low carb, high fiber.

I did that plus,

3. Made more soup. (I have to add that I got my mom’s cast iron Dutch oven when my dad sold the family home. It weighs almost 15 pounds. It is made in France so I guess it is actually a France oven. I just know that it is heavy and makes delicious food.)

4. Swept the kitchen floor.

5. Loaded and unloaded the dishwasher.

6. Bleached down the kitchen counters.

7. Did a load of laundry.

8. Spent 20 minutes untangling the garden hose with much cursing.

9. Sorted the recycling.

Here is something that is odd. As in,  “What are the odds?”  My husband was adopted. A few years back I took it upon myself to find his birth family.  (As an aside to this story,  I spend a lot of time doing genealogy. My husband says I can find anyone. Well, not anyone living but anyone dead. It took me 6 years to find his birth mom. All I had to start was a possible  last name. And yes, she had died. But that is not my story.) I found his family,  an aunt and two cousins living in Ontario. What was the weird part?  One of the cousins mother-in-law lives about 5 minutes from us. And the cousin was in the process of making plans to move to our city. She arrived today. And the other odd part. His birth mother lived within 10 minutes of where my husband grew up.

That is all I have for today. I’m pretty tired. Time for dinner then bed. I love my bed.

11 thoughts on “This and That and Other Stuff

  1. I am so impressed with what you achieved after you got home. One or two of those things would be plenty for me.
    Has your husband met up with his birth family? I hope so. I have cousins on the other side of the world I didn’t know I had and have never met. One of my brothers has though. Co-incidences like that remind me what a small world we live in.

  2. I have a Dutch oven that I love to cook in. Everything comes out so moist and flavourful! Those are some neat coincidences about your husband’s family members. -Jenn

  3. Bravo to you for finding your husband’s birth family. Wow! That must have been so exciting for both of you. Also, love hearing about how Universal health care works in more civilized countries than the U.S. Good to know they would get you in quick if was an emergency.

  4. Wow-you accomplished a lot! I can totally relate to the garden hose. They have special powers or something the way they fight back!

    Very cool that you found your hubby’s family! And I almost just typed “gynecology super powers” instead of “genealogy super powers,” ha! Guess I did anyway :o)

  5. It’s a small world. Will your husband try to have a relationship with his cousin?
    Your soup sounds good and healthy.
    Lol about cats being in the internet tubes. I wonder if Norbert knows you write about him here? 🙂
    Our days are getting longer. I can tell in the evenings. It gets dark a little later each day. Spring will be here soon.

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