If You Don’t Like Snakes Don’t Read This Post

I am putting this picture first because some people really hate snakes and I don’t want the next picture to end up in my blogroll and scare people.

My daughter and her boyfriend have acquired a snake. A ball python to be exact. A girl python named, Doug. She came with the name by her previous owner who is moving and cannot keep her. She is absolutely beautiful. I got her out of my daughter’s backpack and she curled into a ball, tucked her head in and went to sleep. I was worried about her getting cold so I snuggled her close.

What do you think of snakes? I used to be afraid of them but I met a really nice one once and now I like them.

In other news I am on a second dose of antibiotics for and UTI. Meh.

16 thoughts on “If You Don’t Like Snakes Don’t Read This Post

  1. I don’t think that Python is going to be big enough to strain your rotator cuff yet!

    Just gonna say while I don’t hate snakes, I’m really more of a cat person.

    • This little gal is not poisonous so I am not worried. I wouldn’t trust her around other small creatures. I feel kinda bad for her because I think they belong in the wild but her she is. What can you do? And she is so cute!

  2. You are such a sweet soul, Birdie, and I love your photo with you and the snake. I would never have a snake as a pet, but I don’t hate them or anything. Let’s just say I am less comfortable with snakes as opposed to birds, rodents, cats, etc. I love turtles and iguanas in the reptile family and I am more used to them. However, I wouldn’t mind holding a non-poisonous snake, though. 🙂

  3. Snakes have become popular pets. I bet Norbert was afraid of her. He probably knows that he looks like a tasty morsel to Doug. 🙂

  4. I do not dislike snakes but I also do not want to cuddle any. My husband loved snakes. He could identify all of them. When our neighbor in Kansas screamed for help to get rid of any black snakes on her property, Ron would go there, get the snake or snakes and bring them home to let go on our property because black snakes were so helpful with getting rid of rodents.

  5. Because I live in Florida where so many people have released former pet Pythons into the wild which has completely upset the eco-system of the Everglades, I do not approve of snake pets BUT hey- as you said- it is what it is and she is cute in a snaky way!
    I love that first meme. That’s me. For sure.
    I hope this round of antibiotics does the trick!

  6. I love Ball Pythons! I had one, she was named Emma. I kept her at the Biology lab that I worked for at the university I went to school at. She was just a little baby and loved curling inside my lab coat pocket while I worked. I kept a baby t-shirt in there to keep her warm.

  7. I don’t mind snakes. They are just a little startling when you find them (outdoors). Although they are beautiful and interesting, I prefer my pets to have fur. -Jenn

  8. My sibs and I had a lot of fun growing up spending time catching garter snakes together :o) Doug looks pretty handsome and I love seeing your smile! I was always jealous of the heat lamps for the reptiles, heating pads and blankets just aren’t quite the same methinks

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