Facebook is Depressing Me

It is. I’ve been on since June and not only am I checking it obsessively, it is depressing me. I can’t handle all the negativity but also, it’s just so…shallow. I’m a shallow person on Facebook. I don’t really care how everyone is doing. I just randomly check and don’t take time to really pay attention to how people are doing as individuals. Just, scroll, scroll, scroll. Like a few things. Love a few things.  Scroll, scroll, scroll. So I am doing Lent* early this year and giving up Facebook. I did that last year with Pinterest. I just deleted the icon and forced myself not to turn it back on. It was hard at first. Who doesn’t love pinning shit that you’ll never use?  I eventually totally forgot about it for almost 9 months. I only remembered it recently because I was looking for something and thought Pinterest might have it. When I went to check the app was so outdated it didn’t work and I didn’t bother updating it. And now I don’t even remember what it was I wanted to look up. 

So, I have deleted the  Facebook apps off my iPad and iPod. I have no plans to go back to it.  But who knows? 

Last night, just as I was about to fall asleep my boy sent me a text. “Mama? Are you there?”  I ended up chatting with him for an hour and a half.  He’s having a bit of a time. But today I was so tired I couldn’t think straight. When I got home I sat for about 20 minutes then went to bed. Norbert and I slept the sleep of the dead for 2 hours. I wish I could sleep like that at night. I feel so un-tired. This is so not normal for me. I’m always tired. Always. I have had every blood test known to man and yet I am always, always tired. So it’s nice when I am not tired, even if it’s just for a few hours.

I have my weight loss group tonight. I have lost 25 pounds but have plateaued. I’m hoping that things will start up again. I still have at least 15 pounds to go. 

And now, I have laundry to do. 

13 thoughts on “ Facebook is Depressing Me

  1. Oh Birdie, I’m pretty sure I’m with you. I have to give up Facebook too. I can’t stand seeing Trumps face everywhere I turn. I’m glad I get notifications of your blog on my email and not on Facebook. I need fluff for awhile, it’s not only depressing me, it’s making me physically ill. I’m so with you. I love you and send hugs.

  2. Good for you with Facebook. I am getting to that point, too. There are just a handful of people I’m connected to that keep me there. Other than that, it’s my least favourite place to be. I prefer blogging and spend most of my online time there. Much more fun!

  3. Yeah, I hear you about Facebook Birdie. I also don’t feel good about FB
    Every time I get an inkling to go on FB I read some post such as yours and it deters me. I too cannot be sure the superficiality. While I like to see others photos and updates, I just can’t live that kind of life and get way more out of blogging by far! I love blogging band reading all the people I follow – like you. Maybe we are sensitive and have a harder time playing ” the game” than others … Doesn’t make anything wrong, it’s just we have a different time with the shallow end of the pool … Doesn’t mean we crave drama — far from it. FB is just not our way to live life and that’s OK.
    Don’t beat yourself up for this … You aren’t alone! You could be digging on Twitter like the Donald though!!!! LOL!

  4. I dumped FB right after Christmas…too painful for me…loving IG and of course my blog 💕
    I deactivated my FB account…so, if I want to go back, I can.
    Enjoy your week dear…kudos on 25 Lbs!
    Linda :o)

  5. If something makes you miserable or unhappy and you don’t feel fulfilled, it is a good thing to give it up. Good for you, dear Birdie! Hugs.

  6. I was on FB for a while, but I deactivated my account for all the reasons you did. It isn’t for me. Congrats on that 25 pounds. That is fantastic!

  7. I never got into Facebook. From what I hear from other people, it can get very catty and I despise being dragged into stuff like that. I am so so impressed with your weight loss. Mine seems to be stuck onto me with crazy glue! -Jenn

  8. I’ve never had a facebook account but if I’ve ever sneaked a look at my daughter’s pages I’ve just been bored to death with it all. As you said, it’s so shallow. I do enjoy Pinterest though, but that’s because it’s totally visual and that can be fun too.

  9. I have whittled down my FB friends to like-minded actual friends (for the political post sharing and moral support) and family (for the photos, and because it is so hard to unfriend family without starting WW3). Yesterday my grown up niece posted that she wished people would stop sharing political articles and everyone would go back to posting pictures of their kids and animals instead. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I’m not sure being in such close contact with a wide group of people is a good thing.

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