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I have cried today. Cried that Christian people can vote in a man that is nothing like the Jesus Christ that I asked to come into my life many years ago. This is the reason I no longer go to church.

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  1. Sending you much love and warm hugs, Birdie! I didn’t even bother watching the inauguration, and I found it way too long, too.

    • All the time….yes…..that’s why we need other likeminded people to work together with. Sometimes I feel so alone. Then I read blogs like yours and see amazing women and men standing together for LOVE….like today in Washington and all over the world. #whyimarch Thank you Birdie. Love that quote.

  2. I avoided the news yesterday. I didn’t want to watch… your quote and photo are beautiful Birdie, and so very true. Love from me to you! Xox

  3. I am sad for all those people who will lose their health coverage because of him. His first official act was to get rid of Obama Care. Such a rich country and they can’t afford to take care of their people? I don’t understand this.

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