A Day in Dots

  • I am off for 3 whole days in a row.
  • The snow is still on the ground here. This morning we had a flash freeze and the roads and sidewalks were like ice rinks. It warmed up around 10:00.
  • I am going out for dinner tonight.
  • And this. I will probably not have much support on this but I am going to stop colouring my hair. I have been hiding the grey since I was 30ish. I am so careful to watch what I put in my body when it comes to food. The products I use on my body are organic, natural and without chemicals. I don’t use chemicals to clean. And yet, I dump toxic carcinogens on my head every 6 weeks. Before my mom died she made me promise that I would stop dyeing my hair. (Her oncologist said hair dye is one of the worst carcinogens around.) Now is the time. There is even a cool Facebook support group because people are so negative about women not colouring their hair. (Grey and Proud). Honestly, it baffles me that men can go grey or bald and they look “distinguished”. Women are told they look “old” or “dowdy”. Well, I am not afraid of looking or getting old. It’s happening to everyone that has breath in their body.

And here is a picture where you can see the purple. I do not straighten my hair, it just goes straight when I pull it back for work.

Okay. That’s all I got. I attempted a post about one of my grandparents but I accidentally deleted it. Or it disappeared into the Interweb tubes.

22 thoughts on “A Day in Dots

  1. You are your sweet self whatever your hair colour. I got my first grey hair at 15, and gave up long ago. I am salt and pepper, and the salt tide is increasing.
    Enjoy your dinner out, your days off and Christmas.
    As always, oceans of caring are flowing your way.

  2. You look great, Barbara, and I DO support you on letting the gray come in. The most important thing to me is someone’s heart and the way I am treated, because nothing else matters. I haven’t coloured my hair for about 8 years now…and I just turned 60 in October! 🙂 And I don’t plan to, either.

  3. I stopped coloring .mine 4 years ago, the lady that used to cut my hair was horrified and called me an “ombre brunette”. I love it and think of all the money I save. I also saved a bundle ditching that hairdresser for a much cheaper place. I think it will look great!

  4. I think it’s great that you want to go natural. I hope you enjoy the time off and your Christmas too. You have a nice smile!

  5. Birdie, you are darling, cute. Here is some support. I stopped coloring my hair a couple years ago. I am more than salt and pepper now. I am white in the front pretty much and black in the back pretty much. I love not coloring. It was getting to be like once a week and I went to get it professionally colored and the guy wouldn’t do it, he said, “it’s time to let it go.” I figured he was a professional and he was giving me approval and it was time so I went for it and I love it. It has given me so much freedom. No one in my friend group has let their hair go and I don’t give a flying f**k. I get a lot of compliments on it and I am also comfortable with aging and I have no issues with trying to cover the aging up, etc. So good for you. We are sisters!!!!!! Joanne

  6. I can’t wait to see how it looks, Birdie. I stopped coloring mine a few months ago. I’m a redhead (used to be). It took a couple of months for all of the color to grow out, but my hair is short. It will probably take longer for you. I’m not completely gray yet. It’s slowly turning, though. Gray hair is in now. Go for it. If you hate it, you can always go back. It’s only hair, but the chemicals are a good motivator to go natural.

  7. Go for it!! I wonder how long it will take to “grow out” completely? I work with a woman who doesn’t colour her hair and she wears it sort of short and a tad spikey and it suits her perfectly! Enjoy your time off! -Jenn

  8. I stopped coloring my hair years ago. A mentor of mine (a woman) never dyed her hair and was gray for as long as I knew her. I adored her and felt like if she could do it, so could I. It was very liberating.

  9. You know there is a lot of pressure for men to dye their hair too? I have quite a few friends that do it but they won’t admit it. It’s quite important to look youthful if you want to keep your job. As a dj I colour my hair as it’s important my “image” goes with what I do. But I completely respect anyone who chooses to keep their natural colour too. Whatever makes us feel good about ourselves right?

  10. Do it if it feels good to you! It all comes down to how you feel wearing it. Wear it well sweetie.

  11. You look like someone I’d want to hug. I want to hug you.♥♥
    I don’t know what to do. My hair is colored platinum. I did this because it’s real color is a mousy grey…not a pretty grey. When I let it go people always say…’you look so tired, are you ok?” But..the back is daark grey. So the color line back there is stark. I think the only way for me to do this would be to cut off all my hair……………not gonna’ be a pretty sight!
    So, I’m chicken. But yours will come out nicely, Birdie, and I’m proud of you for doing this!!
    Have a great three days off and enjoy your dinner out!
    I’ve said it before…and I’ll say it again…you have incredibly beautiful skin. And those eyes! Sooo pretty – they look green but I can’t quite tell.
    Love you.

  12. Good for you! I’m letting my hair go too. I’ve been coloring it since I was in my 20’s. It’s time to just let it go gray. Only problem is that it makes my blonde hair look lighter.

  13. You look great, Birdie. I support whatever you do with your hair. There are natural hair dyes with no chemicals if you’re interested drop me an email and I’ll send you their videos.

  14. Love it! The purple and the grey :o) I stopped dying my hair years ago and don’t plan to ever again. After all I’ve been through, I look at it like a victory to get to my grey (or white) hair days and I’m gonna wear it proudly! You go girl. I’ll join ya when Nature punches my hair color ticket ;o)

  15. Good for you for going gray…we need to start normalizing the aging process!

    I just got my first gray hair this year. I’m 43 and while not happy to start graying, I’m thankful it didn’t start sooner. I will not be dying my hair because I don’t want to hide my age, I just want to enhance what I already have (like by getting a decent haircut, having clothes that fit well, etc). My mom saw my ONE gray hair and told me I was “letting myself go.” WTF? Something to note: her and my dad dye their hair, and they are both 73. I asked my mom at what age it would be appropriate to stop dying her hair and she said “never…not even at 90.” Wow.

    There is one thing I’m really into which makes me worry about chemical exposure: makeup. Waaaaaay back in the day I used to be a makeup artist, and that creativity still exists in me (today I wearing a complicated navy smokey eye). I love doing my makeup so much I’ll create a complicated look even when I have nowhere to go! Yet the cosmetics industry is largely unregulated and we use chemicals here in the states that have been outlawed in other countries. Somehow though, my love for highlighter, lipstick, and sultry eyes just can’t compete with my concern over dropping dead from chemicals. Oh well, life is too short not to enjoy the perfect winged liner!

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