It’s Cold, Pacific Northwest Style

First, I am doing this post by microphone. Because I am just that lazy. But mostly tired. I woke up last night at 4:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep. And our house is cold because the furnace has stopped working. We do have a gas fireplace that Norbert loves. And space heaters. We won’t die.

And it’s cold. A whole 9° below freezing. Yes. Yes, I know other parts of the country are 30° cooler but this is cold for this Pacific Northwest girl. I put on two pairs of socks this morning. Oh yes, I did. Norbert has given up trying to get outside. The snow is too cold on his delicate pink paws.

This afternoon after work I stopped and bought new lights and Garland and ribbon for our Christmas tree. The stuff we currently have is crap. I told my husband that none of it is going on the tree this year. It looks like hell. Half the lights don’t work. The Garland is stringy with big chunks missing.  He of course, thinks it’s fine. Just like a man. (My apologies to my male readers. You know I love you!)

I’m continuing to lose weight. Just shy of 25 pounds now. My goal in December is to lose half a pound. It isn’t a lofty goal but I don’t want to gain in December after trying so hard to lose as much as I have. Come January I will be trying harder. I hope to get to my goal weight by the end of April. We’ll see. It will be a total of 44 pounds. I know I can do this. I’m very optimistic this time. This is the only time I have ever lost weight and it hasn’t been a total battle.

Not much going on in my world. December usually brings up feelings of melancholy. I miss my mom. I miss my aunts and uncles.  And I miss my grandparents. In the two years around my mom’s death I lost seven other family members. It is only now that I’m wrapping my head around that fact. I am getting to be one of the oldest in my family. Not quite, but there is not a lot of the older generation left. One day I would like to do a post on all my grandparents. I was blessed with not only wonderful grandparents but great grandparents as well. I also had great step grandparents. I look back at pictures and see just how much love was surrounding me. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that all my grandparents adored me. They all made me feel like I was their favorite. What a great legacy I have been given. I hope one day to have grandchildren of my own and the pass that legacy on.

Well, that is all for now. I am sitting wrapped up in my shawl that was given to me by Hospice after my mom died. It brings more than just physical warmth. I hope you are all doing well, and focusing on the good and the right and the beautiful. It is out there.

20 thoughts on “It’s Cold, Pacific Northwest Style

  1. You are so right that the good is out there. I got a haircut today for $25! I have had a dismal 4 years of work and the hairdresser asked about it and cut my bill sharply. I haven’t been to see him in a year. He is a mensch. Good people Birdie. You will be the best Grandma ever cause you are one of those good people. Joanne

  2. Bundle up dear Birdie. I am so very impressed by your weight loss. I haven’t achieved that level of discipline. Seriously, I am really, really impressed. -Jenn

  3. I am glad you are in a better place and, though it is cold, you have a cat and a shawl to warm you. I will enjoy learning more about your grandparents. Thank you for always visiting my blog. Hugs!

  4. I love this post, it’s so nice to fill in the gaps of knowing you! I am gobsmacked at 25 and cheering you on to 45. You can do it!
    I would never be able to speak my blog into a mic. as I edit, edit, edit. I’m always saying ‘no, that’s not what I mean’ so it takes me forever. I so envy people who can just zip it out without really thinking…sign.
    I walked for about an hour this evening in the snow (about 2-3 inches here) and saw deer tracks, we have a lot of them here because we are near a bit of forest, and squirrel and dog (big and little), could have been coyote and I think…rat hahaha. Well, rats gotta eat too.
    Take a picture of your Christmas tree if you can, which reminds me…we never saw the purple hair!
    Stay warm, dear friend xo

  5. I wrote a wonderful comment to my dear you. And then I hit enter…darn Facebook..instead of post. But the most important part was, I love you and I hope you stay cozy and warm! XO

  6. Yikes about the furnace.We are zero to nine below here and I’ve got two pair of socks on and three shirts. The pups just came running inside because it’s squirt a pee and then run in like crazy nutters. Welcome to winter.

    Congrats on your healing journey to remove the un-needed weight.

    Very nice what you said about family. Again, sorry your mom isn’t here in person but hoping you feel her in spirit. Do you ever make food and walk out and then back in your kitchen and it smells like she wa there cooking? That happens to me with my Mamam (gram).

    Yes, lots of good out there in this world and in each day.

    • The holiday season brings up many memories. Sorry to hear about your furnace. Brrr. I hope it is fixed ASAP. I am super impressed by your weight loss.

  7. Having grandparents was wonderful and being a grandparent is wonderful I learned this job from four of the very best! I was blessed to have all of my grandparents until they even got to enjoy my children, their great grandchildren.

  8. So cool about the weight loss! Not so cool about the furnace. But at least you have other ways of staying warm. If our furnace dies, which it very well might one day because it’s so old, we will have to scramble to replace it. Because within a few hours the house would be freezing cold. Ah, Canadian winters…

  9. Hello, sweet Birdie. I don’t have much to say except that I am SO impressed with your weight loss and that I am here, reading, and thinking about you. Stay warm, woman!

  10. Yes, we heard from a friend in Vancouver how cold it is there right now! Couldn’t believe it. That’s FRIGID for BC! And what a time for the furnace to crap out, eh? (And congrats on the 25 pounds. VERY impressive!)

  11. Congrats on that weight loss. That’s a significant amount. I’m also trying to maintain during December. I don’t want to gain back those hard lost pounds.

    I have one aunt left from my parents’ generation. When she goes, my siblings and I are on deck. It will feel strange. It already does. I do miss all of them, especially this time of year.

  12. WTG on your weight loss! It’s always difficult not to gain weight over the holidays but you sound determined and I’m sure you’ll reach your goal. And just so you can feel better it’s -11C here and sunny today and that is cold for this area. Usually our winter temps are -5C to 0C during the daytime. I hope you can get your furnace fixed quickly.

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