Hello dear readers. This post is not going to have proper punctuation because I’m using the microphone on my iPad to write it. I have hit a new level of lazy.

First, please go back and see the comments on my previous post. The lovely Violet,  like all of you is hurting and angry. And justifiably so. She came back to apologize and I welcome her back with open arms. This is a difficult time for all my lovely neighbours to the south. It is affecting us up here in Canada as well. It reminds me more than ever that we need to come together in love and solidarity and support.

My hair colour turned out really cool and I would take a picture but I swear I am still in my pyjamas and it’s coming up 10 o’clock at night. I wish you could actually hear me saying this because I’m laughing. I have pyjama days about twice a year and this is one of them. I did however get all my housework done today and I’m going to go have a bath soon and get changed into clean pyjamas!  

The inner hippie in me continues to emerge. Today I added a batch of water to kefir water next to my batches of come Kombucha. Oh! And thus. This has nothing to do with being a hippie but I have lost a total of 20 pounds in 100 days. I do give credit to the probiotics in the Kombucha as well as taking probiotic supplements and eating a hi fiber/low-carb diet. I want to lose another 20 and see what I look like from there. In my work I see a lot of women that are underweight and I see the effects on health. And underweight body can have just as many problems as an overweight one. Osteoporosis as well as problems with skin and hair. Falls on and underweight senior can be fatal. Of course the risks of being overweight are numerous so I want to find a healthy weight for me. I do know that my weight will be a lifelong battle and something that I always need to watch. All the women in my family have battled their weight. My mom had ovarian cancer which is tied to being overweight or obese. My mom was never a huge woman, close to my size but she did need to lose weight and did try for many, many years. Losing 20 more pounds will put me at a healthy body mass index.

My baby is turning 19 tomorrow and as every parent says, where does the time go? I get weepy thinking about how fast the last 19 years is gone. I remember her birth as clearly as yesterday.  I remember my little girl asking for scotch tape, making thousands of art projects and making beaded necklaces for everyone. I am so happy that she is thriving and doing beautifully. She is working, considering University and working on her teacher certificate for highland dancing. She is well loved by all who know her and I couldn’t be any more pleased or proud tobe the one to call her my daughter. 

My son is living in a community about an hour and a half away and has taken on two cats. The first cat was given to him by a friend that could no longer keep him. The second cat came to him with a long story and history. This cat is afraid of his own shadow and has not yet used the litter box because he is too scared to come out from hiding. My son bathes him daily and tempts him with different treats like catnip. My son is getting to a point of giving up because the cat is not showing any signs of not being fearful. He (my son not the cat)  did text me today to say that he found out the cat had badly infected ears. He spent a lot of time bathing and cleaning out the cat ears so he is hoping that that may have been part of the cats problem. My son, like me, is a Pisces. We are exceptionally sensitive and and sick animals just seem to find us. We never have the heart to turn them away.

Well, it is after 10 o’clock and time for my bath so I will end this post with that. I continue to think of all my American friends pretty much on an hourly basis. In the last little while the shock has left and I am just left with an emptiness. Because hope has always been part of my life, it continues to glimmer that justice and right will prevail. I have no doubt there are dark times ahead but I do believe that most people want to do right by others. I could be wrong but this is the belief that has kept me going for this long. So love to all of you no matter what country you live in. We are all in this together.

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  1. I thought she was a good person at heart, just having a bad time. So I’m glad that worked out. Your kids are so lucky to have you as a mom, Birdie. You had so much to do with the people that they have become.

    20 lbs., wow! That really is an accomplishment. I envy your discipline. I just need to loose a few, and in a whole year I haven’t been able to do that. I’m sitting here eating chocolate covered almonds at the moment and wondering what the hell is wrong with me. ??? Anyway, can’t wait to see the pictures :)))))
    And PS: your son has just stolen my heart, what a good man he is!

  2. Enjoyed this post not only for the content but because the general demeanor seems happy. We struggle together through our hard times and rejoice when things are going a little better or, dare I say, even quite good. Well done on your weight loss thus far and for the healthy way you look at the situation.

    Hope you have a great day friend.

  3. I sensed that Violet was going through hard times…I struggle with depression myself, as you know, Birdie, and I am also a highly sensitive person. I know a hurting person when I see one. I am just so glad to know that things have worked out between yourself and Violet. Hugs.

  4. Smiles and love! “Pyjama days” sounds so festive and I’m glad you thought to blog and share with us on this “pyjama day” :o)

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