I have been postless before but never like this. I can’t stop thinking about the devastation going on in the U.S. right now. It is not a time to be funny or cute or quippy. And I don’t think for even a moment that I have any words that can soothe your hurting souls. Because honestly, my own soul is aching right along with you.  

How about this. I am fiercely proud of you right now. You voted. You voted for love, kindness and fairness. You voted to care for the most vulnerable in society. You voted against discrimination. Nothing can take that away from you. The majority,  if only by a smidgen, do care about these things.  You are not alone. 

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  1. Oh Birdie, thank you for caring. It’s been hard to live with. I’m slowly coming out of the heavy, sick despair. We have to be aware and we can’t let our guard down. We have to be ready to stand up for each other. Love you. Joanne

  2. Very nicely put! I agree with Linda, I’m so glad the election is over even if this is where we are. We’ll make it through somehow. ❤

    • I haven’t said much but after seeing the antisemitic c white supremacist trump just appointed as his right-hand advisor, I don’t feel like talking…I wish there was somewhere I could flee…female, disabled and Jewish, I’ve hit the trifecta here…E

  3. Thank you, Birdie. We all need to hear words like that from our neighbors. I know it really matters to the US to know that others are caring and will stand with us. Because we sure need that now.

  4. I read that only 24% of the population voted for Trump and just a little less for Clinton. Most people didn’t even vote, I think the number was around 46% didn’t vote. So console yourselves with the thought that the majority of people did not vote for Trump. The world is still a great place and hopefully Trump won’t be as bad as we fear he will be. I know I was thrilled when Justin Trudeau was elected but I can say that I personally have not felt any differences in my day to day life. Hopefully the good that he is doing is making a difference for the environment and other people.

  5. I must admit I’ve been depressed and deeply saddened by political events here. It’s been hard to get out of bed. My fear for my country (and the world) is greater than ever. I think the only way I’m going to be able to cope is to not read/watch the news for the next four years, as there’s no point in stewing about things I can’t change. I read about things like the KKK organizing and rallying around our president elect and I feel so sick I can barely breathe. 😦

    Thanks for the encouragement Birdie. It’s tough days to be an american (for slightly more than half of us anyway).

  6. This echos what many (I have to believe.. most) of us are feeling right now, north of the border. It’s mind-boggling. And it aches.

  7. I cannot even talk about it. I am trying to focus on the positive of other things and I need, desperately, to ban all input from news sources. Yes I voted but how I wish so many who stayed home had not. Somehow, I feel many of them wish that too but it’s too late for that and we will have to make the best of it. So…the sun is out today and all will be well.♥♥♥

  8. I’ve also been glued to it all and feel the same sadness everyone has described. To think that so many people feel so desperate in need of a change that they’d hitch their wagon to such a misogynist narcissist just goes to show that what the Dems have been doing isn’t working for a great portion of that country. Everyone needs to step up. Help each other, protect each other from the hatred, stand up for what’s right. I know that as a Canadian woman, my hands are kind of tied but I can tell you this, America won’t be seeing my tourist dollars until he’s gone.

    • I was planning on going to Oregon this coming summer to see the full solar eclipse. It is on my Bucket List. But I won’t be going now. First, it scares me that so many are carrying weapons. And I am not going to give a penny to a county that allows a hating misogynistic, racist, homophobe… (the list is endless) as their leader. Not a soul will miss me or care but I feel I am doing the right thing.

      • Hummmm…this comment is a bit contrary to your post. Concern for us on the one hand and something approaching hatred for us on the other. It makes me even more sad.

      • Oops. Hit enter. No hated at all. I am deeply sad. I just do not feel safe and going to a country that voted in a man that is a hate monger is against my most basic values. Anger? I am so fucking angry that my head is about to spin. I do not like the right wing at this moment. I am sickened. And I want no part of it. But hate? It’s the opposite. I would expect the same of anyone if Canada had just elected a man that stands against every value I have. And I have to say I resent the accusation. My whole world is centred on love and acceptance.

      • It is very difficult for me to hear how people won’t come here because”we” have guns and voted in a horrid man for president (and yes, he is exceptionally horrid). I have never owned a gun in my entire life, and neither have any of my family or friends. I did not vote for Rump, and neither did any of my family or friends. Yet my international friends and the the international community on the whole condemns me and my entire county for such actions.

        It’s just an astonishingly sad state of affairs.

      • It isn’t condemning you, your friends or family. Perhaps you are misunderstanding my point of intention. Let me try to explain.

        You have been invited to a concert. You love the music. You love the message. You love the artist. But one day it comes out that the artist supports the KKK. And he gives money to various hate groups. The music is still great. But now you know that going to the concert or buying the album is directly supporting causes you do not believe in and find reprehensible. That is what I am doing.

        As far as I know anyone that reads my blog voted left. I love all of you. I have been crying for you and what has happened. My anxiety is at an all time high. I do not hate any of you. But traveling to the US gives a message that I approve of the current political situation. Is it any different than the thousands of US citizens saying that they are planning on leaving the US now? So many that the Canadian immigration webpage crashed from tens of thousands of hits in the hours and days following the election?

        It is wrong what is going to happen. If the tables were turned i would be telling everyone to stay away from Canada. I would ask your support by sending a message to our government that you won’t enter a country that allows government officials to mock the disabled, judge based on skin colour, disallows universal health care, encourages violence and only allows certain citizens all the basic rights of individuals.

      • Well Birdie, this is a free country, do what you want with your tourist dollars and feel free to speak your opinions to their fullest.

        The US has 318.9 million people in it. Thank you for teaching us all a lesson (given in “love”) about how we don’t deserve you.

        Something you might not know: I tried to immigrate to canada 8 years ago for reasons which had nothing to do with politics. They refused me for my medical diagnosis (RA) and because I didn’t have enough money in savings (>$25,000). So I guess your country isn’t all about love either.

        I’ve unfollowed. I just can’t take anymore US bashing from people who don’t live here and cannot possibly understand our deep divisions and enormous pain.

      • For the most part you are safe travelling here. But I do understand and respect your sentiment about what you support. I regret that you will miss what you waited for.

      • I think both y’all got lost on the emotions of knowing Trump is president to be. I think Violet forgot who the enemy really is. Perhaps it’s good that Violet has excited because her emotions are volatile at this moment … I don’t think either of y’all could have soothed each other at this time.

        Birdie I find it endearing that you care so much about the US especially not being a citizen. Whether Trump became president or not there are and will still be those who support Trump ideology whether or not he or some other buffoon like him became president.

        Let your emotional state run its course … See how you feel in a few months and revisit the idea of a trip to Oregon. You’ll be OK and remember that all of your money spent here will not truly support the causes you mentioned and dickhead Trump supporters as you imagine. Give those of us here a chance to welcome you and see your cute curly bob with an understory of violet (not violet the previous poster but rather your purple hair color.) Not all of us stand for violence, greed, hubris and misogyny.

        Remember that the larger urban cities in red states are usually the blueberry oases you’d be looking for in any travel to the US. The US is a huge place with lots of diversity and Trump supporters voted very ignorantly on the idea of resentment — poor rationale for casting a vote!

        Anyway Birdie we have yet to see what will actually come down the pike with ol’ Trump … Lots of these guys speak pure rhetoric to get elected and much of what they speak of never materializes.

        I know the vast majority of us will welcome you with open arms and without the fear real arms will be beared on your visit to the US … Even in good ol’ Texas!

        Big hugs to you Birdie. Hang in there! Not all of us succumb to fear-mongering, hate and resentment! ❤

  9. No, my country is most certainly not all about love. We have racists and homophobes. We have people that want to do away with Universal Healthcare. We have people that are not happy that we brought in 25, 000 refugees in 4 months.
    Anyway, I sincerely hope you can take your anger that is pointed at me and use it to support others who will be facing a very uncertain future.
    I know in my heart and head that I am not hating and I feel a little sad that you have taken my words to be as such. In the end, I have no answers. I don’t even know the questions anymore. I am confused and worried and scared not just Americans but the entire planet. The most powerful position in the world will be handed over to an evil man in a matter of weeks. That is a terrifying thought.

  10. Hey sweetie, don’t beat yourself up over how stupid people are when they voted. Sometimes great things happen and then there’s Trump. I know you feel bad for us, but it’s going to be okay, I hope. I’ve come to terms with it and putting funny stuff on my blog about Trump and his ignorant cabinet members and not to mention his screwed up family will probably keep me busy for the next 4 years if he lasts that long. I’m looking forward to all the fun.
    Don’t worry about Violet, one less person to bother with. I don’t know her, but she appears to be ignorant of what you meant. I understood what you meant about not wanting to come to America because of the way stupid people behave and I too wouldn’t come to visit if I were you.
    Now go for a walk or get yourself a nice cup of tea and relax. We will be fine.

  11. I don’t have any words left or much strength either to feel anything but despair right now. The west is taking so many steps backward. I am afraid for the future generations. There is so much hatred. All of us who want a different world have to try somehow to keep making a difference in whatever ways we can. Love to you Birdie and to all. Xx

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