Instead of My, “I Hate Halloween” Post

A few days ago at work a client had the TV on and they were talking about the scariest movies ever. I have never enjoyed being scared and I loathe scary movies. With one exception. The Shining. That is one messed up movie. Jack Nicholson is steller. I mean, it’s Jack. He is a brilliant actor. But he wasn’t scary in The Shining. He is just an asshole. Olive Oil is okay. She is tall and gangly and looking ever bit the part of Olive Oil. 
Those twins. They are unnerving but you don’t see them much. I will admit to looking for them whenever I stay at a hotel. They are the reason I lock the door. 

But Danny. 

Fucking Danny. 
Am I a bad person for saying what I would do if he were my kid?  If my kid started talking to his finger in that demon voice I would put him on Craigslist. You are damn rights Danny isn’t here Mrs. Torrance. 

Anyway, I have absolutely nothing else going on in my life so I will repost my annual I Hate Halloween post. 

A Confession…

Here it is. My deep dark secret. I know I will disappoint some of you. Some will despise me and never read my blog again but I must tell you the truth. I hate Halloween.  
I hate everything about it. When my kids were small I dressed them up and took them out, hating it the entire time. Now that they are older I still hate it. Why? Here are some of the reasons. 
 My brother and his friends saw to it that I would be traumatized every Halloween by scaring me all throughout October. I would walk around in a perpetually terrified state knowing they were going to do something horrible. My adrenals were constantly on high alert. They told me every year that they were going to put Neet in my hair. I also hate loud noises so I hated the screechers and fire crackers. I hated going out into our rainy October nights. Once I went through a haunted house where a man in a coffin jumped out at me. I hated it because Ian J. won the prize for best costume every year. He dressed as the same robot every year. Tin foil on a cardboard box. Every year. I hate that Halloween scares animals. So, I hate it.  

PS- Please keep loving me even though I hate Halloween. It is the only holiday I hate. 

20 thoughts on “Instead of My, “I Hate Halloween” Post

  1. I have a close friend who also hates Hallowe’en. It’s o.k. Childhood trauma is responsible for so many ways we deal with our present. I’m so sorry that your brother and his friends tormented you every year. I mean it. That should not have happened. No doubt they did not realize what affect it had on you. You should do something special and joyful for yourself on Hallowe’en to change the whole day for you. -Jenn

  2. Still love you!
    I have not handed out candy for 3 years!
    My son used to do the decorations, and stay and help me hand it out…
    I to,d him not to bother decorating anymore…and that was the end of me handing out candy!
    Hate me if you must…hiding in the family room….hahaha!
    Did my duty for 44 years…enough! We don’t have any kids left on the court…
    That’s my story….and I’m sticking to it!
    Linda :o)

  3. I still love you! And I share some of your feelings about Halloween. It is definitely not high on my list of holidays and we actively avoid the festivities-at least we are while BB is still young enough to be unawares, I’m sure when he gets older we’ll get looped in and I will do that for him, but only for him ❤

    PS Never seen "The Shining" and never intend to. Me no likey scary!

  4. I love the real little tiny kids dressed up for Halloween. Did you see Mary’s August as a chicken?? OMG, I’m sure she’ll post it. So friggin’ cute. But it sounds like you were traumatized this time of year so I understand. And who could hate you anyway? You are loved❤️ Joanne

  5. I think Halloween is the stupidest thing ever! People are doing mean things and you eat crappy candy that winds up making you go to the demon dentist.
    I too, do like the little one’s costumes. I saw Robin Hood and Lady Marion at the coffee shop yesterday (getting a head start I guess) and they were so adorable I wanted to hug them – I got a little too close I guess, because the parents gave me that “stranger-danger” look.

    Love you to bits, (not scary, bloody bits) no matter what xo

    • I am trying so hard to lose weight so no candy for me. I’m down 16 pounds so I have to pass on the all of it. There is no one piece. I can eat bags of that crap candy. And it isn’t even good. Damn addictive sugar.

  6. I think I’d hate Halloween if I had your experiences with it. Lucky for me I didn’t have older brothers who scared me and now I’m a fan of Halloween. It’s the time of the year the kids get to break all the rules and who doesn’t love that? Well, except for you dear Birdie, and with good reason. Kids love to dress up and what fun to go out at night and knock on strangers doors who then give you candy! It’s like the worlds gone mad!

  7. Halloween is about the only holiday I don’t hate so there you go. Not that I want to DO anything for Halloween. I just don’t hate it. You are still loved, no worries.

  8. Birdie, even though I made a post, just for fun, in celebration of Halloween, I am not a fan. I did it for my younger readers (young at heart, that is), and I do not celebrate Halloween…I don’t even do the trick or treat thing, and nobody comes to the door, which suits me fine. I like quiet. And yes, I still love you.

  9. I think its perfectly fine to hate Halloween. I didnt grow up with it so I’m pretty neutral about it. To me it was just a day where my kids seemed to have a lot of fun with their friends, and I was happy to facilitate that. I don’t think I’ve ever dressed in a Halloween costume in my life, and I sure wasn’t the creative mother making fantastic costumes from scratch. Nope. My kids costumes, at least when I was in charge of them, came of the rack at the party store. I feel no guilt about that. And of course, I absolutely still love you!

  10. You are justified in your hatred of Halloween. I too had siblings who enjoyed scaring the bejeebers out of me at every opportunity. But instead of traumatizing me I learned from them and did some terrorizing of my own. Maybe that is why I love to write scary stories.

  11. You make me laugh so much! I’ve never read a review of a film that funny! I know you hate Halloween and am with you a little on that, it’s never been my favourite BUT don’t want to stop others having their fun. But that write up of The Shinning. Lol I’m doubled over thinking of you in hotels looking out for those twins. You need to review some more films.

  12. I like Halloween and everything autumn. And I love scary movies. The scarier the better. But we still love you. Each to their own! Right? 🙂 Boo!

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