Regarding Yesterday’s Post 

You are all silly billies!  I am not going to delete any of you. I am only deleting blogs that have not been updated in over a year. None of you are on my list.  I actually have two blog rolls so have no fear. Unless you give up blogging and ignore my harassing comments asking where you have gone, I won’t remove you. Do you really think I would delete you? No! xo

9 thoughts on “Regarding Yesterday’s Post 

  1. Well, one can get a little paranoid. Brings back those painful memories of high school when the friend you really liked suddenly drops you, no warning!…ON the playground…so embarrassing. But I’m joking and I shall keep blogging – just in case.

  2. I promise I’m coming back. I am coming back. I will be back. So glad I made time to pop in to check up on you today. Xx

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