Double Damn!

Damn 1 – I was just updating my blog roll and accidentally deleted a blog that either starts with the letter A or B. I have no idea who it is. I just know that when I went back the blog I had intended to delete was still there. Then I did it again! But I can’t remember what letter that one started with. So if  I am no longer  following you that is why. Please let me know.

Damn 2 – I have to go back to work tomorrow. It has been a wonderful two weeks off and I really don’t want to get up at 6:30 every morning but that is the way it is. My anxiety/depression is much more manageable when I am not working. A few years ago my doctor suggested I go on disability but I won’t do that. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could start my day a little later. My deepest sleep is between 4 and 9 so being woken up at 6:30 is dreadful. I could work evenings but my eyesight is getting worse. I have Fuch’s dystrophy and can’t drive after dark anymore. Anyway, it is back to the old grind tomorrow. I have requested a week in November so that will be nice.

Good news. I am continuing to lose weight.  I have lost weight 14 weeks in a row now for a total of 16 pounds. I even lost weight during the last two weeks while on vacation. It was only .4 of a pound but I didn’t go up and that is amazing. I am still following the same eating plan and it is working. And I am never hungry. I still want to lose at least 23 more pounds. It has been especially cool because at my weigh-loss group I lost the most weight out of the entire group (about 35 people ) in a 3 month period. I won money for that!  Each week your weight is recorded. If you go up you have to put .25 cents in the “Oops Pot”.  The person that loses the most weight every 3 months wins the pot. And it was me! Yay!

I have been busy today doing housework and making kombucha tea. Some people know it as mushroom tea. I was buying it but realized that doing that was going to bankrupt me. It is about $5.00 for bottle that holds less than 2 cups. I can make my own for pennies. It is an inteserting process and super easy once you have the proper equipment.  I had trouble fining jars that hold 16 cups but I eventually found them online at th Evil Walmart. Even I have a breaking point. Actually, that is a lie. I got my new iPad there. I saved over $100.00 there compared to Best Buy, Staples and London Drugs. I am evil and I deserve to be cast out forever. That’s okay. As long as I have my iPad to take along.

It seems my spell check has disappeared so you are getting Birdie as she really spells in everyday life. Please don’t point out my errors. I have enough to deal with going back to work tomorrow. Meh.

25 thoughts on “Double Damn!

    • I got the magnetic you sent today. They just keep getting prettier. I laughed at your note in the card because I have something to send to you. It has been sitting on my end table for two weeks now!

  1. Yeaa, for the weight loss!!! i wouldn’t know if you deleted me or not because I don’t have that “follow” thing – I could never figure it out….can you believe that? I don’t deserve to have an ipad.
    If I won the lottery I would make sure you never had to go back to work.

  2. Well done for the weight loss, that’s really good. I love the idea of the “Oops Pot”. I need one of those at home then I could make myself rich. 😀

  3. Your probably should delete me since it is rare that I can comment on your posts. However once in a while I get through. Always read you though and love to hear healthy progress from you. Even .4 of a pound on vacation is awesome! Who can lose weight on vacation?

  4. My daughter May made Kombucha tea when she was living at home so that must have been almost twenty years ago. That mushroom scared the crap out of me. Since then, I haven’t been able to drink the stuff. Ugh. I’m sorry. I have read too much Ray Bradbury, I think.
    I hope that work is easier, now that you are rested up a bit.
    It’s so nice to hear you feeling easier in this world. SO nice.

  5. I so need to follow your example…I am just not as active as when I was two-legged though I do try and I eat healthily. Being menopausal does not help, either. Congrats!

  6. Well done on the weight loss, I am jealous. I only have myself to blame, hang on that’s not true, I have everything that makes me unhappy to blame! (I am a terrible comfort eater, fat = happiness, I disgust myself:( )

  7. Oh no!

    Birdie, I discovered my blog roll was causing my site to crash and shit. So now I use a wordpress app to keep up with you and my other wordressy bloggery friends. So relieved I started the app!

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