That Was Underwhelming 

The Great Typhoon of 2016 has hit. Remember that video I did of the rain a few months back? When my street looked like a river? It’s not more than that. We almost cancelled this weekend because of the dire predictions. It is actually rather pleasant. 

I am still on holidays from work and it has been a wonderful and relaxing time off. I could get used to not working. I get so much done and have time to actually relax. But I do love my job and for now the feeling of knowing how much my clients/patients need me and that I am making a difference is what keeps me there. That and the pay cheque. That’s pay check for my friends down south. 

One thing I have been pondering the last 2 weeks is a profound sense of gratitude. First, my medication mixture is working beautifully. The depression and anxiety are gone for the most part. Well, I can live with what’s remaining. I have a home that I love, even if it’s too big for us now that the chickadees have left and are leaving the nest. Also, l am surrounded by so much love. My husband is being supportive. I am learning more about him and what his triggers are. (Because, let’s face it, we all have them.). I am learning about myself and my triggers and how to avoid them. I have family that loves me so much. I don’t get to see them near as much as I want to. When my (step) dad sold his house he moved 3 hours away. I am so glad that he loves where he is living I am not missing him too much. My boy is 90 minutes away but he is doing well. And I have all of you. You surely all understand the support we get from blogging.  It is having 50 pen pals only not having to wait weeks or months for a letter. 
I guess what I am most grateful for is that that I feel like I am becoming the person I have always wanted to be. The person I was meant to be. A more compassionate, gentle, patient, kind and generous person. I think less about myself now and more on how I can make this planet a better place. At my weight-loss group I am The Sunshine Girl, I send out cards for birthdays and special occasions and keep in contact with people that haven’t been in awhile. Someone told me the other day that they am the most suited person for the job. I love that! Even more so because of my ongoing and lifelong battle with depression and anxiety. The depression and anxiety has made me who I am today. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone but I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to grow and learn from it. 
Well, I am writing this post while my husband is driving and I am looking down at a cross stitch I started months ago. I also am looking at a secondhand book I just bought called The Best Gude to Meditation. And it has stopped raining. For now. 

14 thoughts on “That Was Underwhelming 

  1. This is such a beautiful, thoughtful post. So relaxing to read. I did leave it wondering if all the things you were looking at was making you dizzy while in a car? I’m so glad you are feeling better and are so loved💕

  2. Oh boy, how did you suvive that storm?? But seriously I’m glad it wasn’t damaging. It is wonderful to hear that you are doing well and being grateful is a powerful thing. -Jenn

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