Moving On

My daughter is recovering nicely from her break-up. (See last post.) She hasn’t been wallowing but has been sad.She is being quite pragmatic about the whole thing and for that I am so proud of her.

Here is a story from yesterday. Her bedroom has always been an issue.  We will call that issue The Pigsty. Oi! She has always been my messy child. If she doesn’t get told to clean something it won’t get done. Oh, but I don’t like putting her down because she is so freaking awesome. She turns 19 next month and she is more of a friend than a daughter now. She is intelligent and so funny!  She is super resourceful and creative. But the messy thing. Yeah. She asks me for so little and I really don’t have to do much for her so I don’t mind helping her out on the rare occasion. And honestly, it is nice to be needed isn’t it?



My daughter is on the right. See that massive bun? There are probably 25 bobby pins in there.

Yesterday I came home from work and I can smell her room the second I walk in the door. I tell her to grab some boxes and garbage bags because we are going to clean. So we did. Four huge bags of clothes, 2 large boxes of books and assorted crap and a bag of garbage. I found 5 pairs of scissors and about 500 pencil crayons (she likes to draw). I also found 259, 244, 295 bobby pins. I know because I counted them. She needs them for Highland dancing because they have very specific rules about how their hair should look and she has long thick hair. But when she takes them out of her hair they somehow end up on the floor. (*sigh*)  I moved her bed into a different position and changed her sheets for her and washed her duvet. I am hoping it gives her the feeling of a fresh start.  Funny story. When we were cleaning I found a glass upside down and a huge dead spider under it. She apparently saw it late one night and didn’t want to kill it (her mother’s daughter) so she put a glass over it so she could release it in the morning. She forgot about it and felt bad about it.


Oh! I am on holidays for the next two weeks! Sleeping in every single day. Oh, bliss! My husband and I have a few overnight trips planned but we are mostly staying close to home. I intend to do nothing and get nothing accomplished. Fall has hit us hard and the days have been rainy and the nights cool. I may do some geneology work but it is going to be two weeks of putting my feet up and hopefully allowing my rotator cuff injury to heal.

14 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. You are such a good mom. Your daughter is so cute. I love her outfit! Enjoy your time off! It’s great that you plan on relaxing. It’s exactly what I would do. No shoulds.

  2. Your daughter looks Fabulous!! I love Highland dancing, it’s such a happy thing to watch.
    My daughter is equally as messy, we always run out of glasses and there are only 2 in the dishwasher to be washed…the rest are all in her room with various strains of mold and scum.

    A vacation, how wonderful, God knows you deserve it. Now keep to your plan and just rest and have fun. I’ll look forward to a story or two about your trips, I think adventure (in one form or another) follows you wherever you. And my very best wishes for a great improvement in the injury. It will be so nice not to have to use it so much. Let other people bring you your tea and cookies – you deserve it, Birdie xoxo

  3. Glad to hear your daughter is doing well. My daughter was also a dancer, but not highland. It still involved bobbypins, though. My daughter isn’t the neatest either. Trying to figure out what she was going to wear would involve a whole lot of clothing. Clothes on the floor, clothes on the bed, clothes falling out of open dresser drawers. We always joked that it looked like her dresser threw up! Enjoy sleeping in and I sincerely hope your shoulder starts feeling better. -Jenn

  4. Enjoy your two weeks of bliss, Birdie! And your daughter sounds like she is doing well. She is beautiful in the photo and I love her outfit. And I enjoyed hearing how you cleaned up her room and purged, that is very nice of you and I am sure she appreciates it. Hugs.

  5. Sounds like a very good clean and I’m glad you too have such a relationship, that’s wonderful.

    Yay vacay! Good luck with your ‘nothing’ mission and fun trips!

    • She is! I used to worry that my kids would be awful and mean and make my life miserable. It happens to even great parents! Both my kids are good and kind. And funny!

  6. Hi Birdie! You’re there for your daughter when she needs you most. I cringe at the thought of having to deal with my daughters heartbreak. Thankfully for now, I keep her fed and she is happy.

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