Hear My Words…

Ah, Life. You have you way with us,  don’t you? Well, maybe not all of us. There are those souls out there that seem unaffected by you. I think most of us are pretty bewildered, though. There seems to be a lot of darkness around us. You make so little sense but at the same time,  you make total sense. Because all we really need to do is connect. To connect and love.

This is for all of you out there that are overwhelmed and tired and weary or scared. This is for you. And it’s for me. We have connected. We haven’t remained silent with each other.  We share our secrets and fears, our joys and sorrows, our anger and our love. And I love you. I do. If we can love people that we have never met, maybe there is hope for all of us yet. Yes, I believe there is. Namaste. So much Namaste. xo

(If you haven’t hear this version of The Sound of Silence I beg you to listen. So beautiful and powerful.)



15 thoughts on “Hear My Words…

  1. Love this music, and you’re right. This is what you do or try to do at work and on blogs, and maybe that is why we still blog when the rest of the world has fled to Facebook…Hugs!

  2. I hear your words Birdie. And I agree with everything you said. God brings people like us together to help us heal each other…thru our words or our stories or shared music or friendship. You my friend are a light bearer in this world. You share with us your life and stories and music and friendship and it makes me, you, us feel cared for, happy, less alone. Namaste indeed Birdie. You are the definition of that word. Namaste

  3. I LOVE David Draiman of Disturbed. He has the best voice ever. For him to sing this song gives him the ability to show his voice range. Did you know he is Jewish and was trained as a chazzan? A chazzan has to have a powerful voice. They lead their Jewish congregation in prayer. He was also a lawyer and a healthcare worker but chose his singing career over everything else.

  4. What lovely gifts you give us with these bits of music you bring here once in awhile.
    A kiss on each of your soft cheeks, Birdie, this was such a nice thing to wake up to.
    Thank you x

  5. My husband really likes that cover, so I have heard it. Powerful!
    I’ve certainly had dark days, but the light ones come too, the connection and love of friends/family… yes, hope! xo

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