I worked today and it was okay. Well, no it wasn’t. I actually woke up feeling happy and good until I went to my first client and the news was on. Did you know that some people watch the news all day long? They never turn it off or watch anything else. It breaks me down watching the local news for 2 minutes, never mind all day. There were two awful stories in quick succession and I felt like someone ripped out all the good in me.  Then the client started on Trump. Apparently,  she has a relative that lives in Georgia that is voting for Trump so now she likes Trump. “He has some good ideas”, she said. I said nothing. I was already upset about the scary and awful news stories. I went on to see 5 other people and felt sad all day. I still feel sad. And anxious. Is this the begining of the end? It scares me that Trump will have the codes to end the world as we know it. Even if he doesn’t get elected there are sure a lot of mean and hateful people out there. That makes me sad. And scared.

This afternoon I have physio for my rotator cuff. It just isn’t getting better. It is getting worse each day. Right now I have to keep it close to my body, like a birdie’s wing! I have hired a lawyer, something I have never done before. My Union will be paying for her and thank god for that because I would never be able to hire one personally.

Okay, that is all I have time for today. Time to get ready for physio. Does anyone want to go for me?

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  1. Hi Birdie, I don’t know how people can watch the news so much! And even if I am not watching the news I keep hearing about Trump and the more I hear about him, it just makes me sick. I am not even voting for Trump or Clinton, (well, I live in Canada and am relieved and happy about this), but when I watch other programs on the U.S. stations, such as Judge Judy, which I watch all the time, the TV ads with and about Trump and Clinton make me want to throw something at the TV. Sending you hugs and much love.

  2. A day to let go, to move on from. Hell, this world has always been full of horror and craziness. It truly has. We’re confronted with it twenty-four hours a day now via media of one sort or another. We can only be the people that we know how to be and try to be a light in the darkness. To love one another.
    Now- as to your shoulder. Do you need surgery? I am SO glad you’ve hired a lawyer. Although that seems like a huge step, you need an advocate. You can’t just keep getting worse and worse.
    Hang in there, Birdie. We’re here with you.

  3. I used to watch the news all day and then I just stopped doing it one day. I only turn on the TV during the day if I want to follow a story I saw on Google news.
    A female lawyer? OMG! Whoever has to go against her should just sign off and let you have what you want. Female lawyers are the best because they work harder than men.

    As for Trump, there might be some sunshine peeking through the clouds. He has to contend with the Electorial College votes in order to win. Many of the members of Congress and the Senate hate Trump, so that means that Hillary may still beat him. Check out the explanation and video here.


  4. I sent that message before I read this. So sorry it was a hard day. I hate the news and I am beginning to hate FB for all the postings about sad and neg. articles.
    Lawyer ! YEA! I really feel it’s a step in the right direction, Especially because your union is paying for it!!!
    Hope physio is ok. You know if I was there I would go with you….but maybe not for you….

    I keep holding on to the belief that good will triumph (and sanity too!) and that the duck will just become a crazy thing we talk about years from now. Remember, sweetie pie, that there really are a lot of good people out there and many of them are here with you xoxo

  5. There is so much good in the world as well. Good people, kind people, compassionate people. They don’t make the news often though.

    Good for you for getting a lawyer and getting help from your union. Sending hugs.

  6. I read the newspaper but I don’t watch the news. Well I don’t watch TV at all. I do read depressing books though, about serial killers.

    Trump is a dangerous man, and how anyone could vote to have him run a country is beyond me!

  7. I hope the lawyer works hard for you and I hope you get some relief or have the repair done. As for the news, I do not watch as have no television.

  8. Sorry to hear the news ruined your day and that you are having to get a lawyer to get what i rightfully due you. Hopefully your arm or is it your shoulder, will start to heal and feel better.

  9. I avoid the news. My sister has it on constantly and at high volume. When I call her I can hear the TV and sometimes I have to wait while she listens to some breaking news. Of course there is ALWAYS breaking news these days. Hope your rotator cuff is better very soon.

  10. That’s how I feel about the news too. I DVR everything so I don’t have to watch commercials, and I go to my social media for “news” or my local news. Hope your appointment went ok birdie.

  11. My mother could have the news running 24/7, used to drive me demented when I lived with her. It frightens me just how much misinformation and misdirection gets spewed all over the media, and just how many people watching and listening actually believe it all.

    Good luck with the rotator cuff.

  12. Oh, Birdie. I feel so bad. I’ve been catching up on your past few posts. I last read the post where you said you wouldn’t be posting for awhile, and I haven’t been checking my blog reader recently. I took a little break. I hope you’re feeling better. I do know about anxiety and depression, that gruesome twosome! I’m thinking of you.

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