Did She Miss the Ferry?

Of course she did! It wasn’t a bad visit. You all would have been proud of me. I was polite and spoke when spoken to and even initiated several conversations. I smiled and nobody would have guessed that I was counting the minutes to her departure. Here is the thing about me. I can talk to anyone. I can and have spoken to “important” politicians and drug addicts laying down on the street. I use quotes when saying important because I am being sarcastic. Part of my beliefs as a Quaker mean that nobody is more important than anyone else. We are all equal and nobody can be closer to God/More Spiritual/Better than anyone else. My point is I am rarely ever intimidated or nervous to speak to anyone. But I digress. Being an introvert doesn’t mean I don’t have excellent social skills. It is a very important part of my job. I am good at drawing people out and a good listener. Today  I had 9 clients and spent the day engaging people in conversation. When I come home I want to be left alone to read a book or blog or sit and stare off into space. Anyway, she left and is gone.

And it is Pacific Northwest hot! Yeah, yeah. It is about 40 C. everywhere else so when it is 32.7 C. here is it like a fall day for all of you.  But we don’t have air conditioning and are not acclimatized to this god-awful heat. But the good part is I am working on my tan and looking all dead sexy. Well, no. That won’t be happening again…ever. But I am all golden. So there is that.

I am now on my days off and when I got home I changed beds, dusted, cleaned the bathroom, did (so far) three loads of laundry and hung them on the line and dusted. I also read and sat in the sun and I am going out to be with people soon. See? I don’t always be anti-social.

22 thoughts on “Did She Miss the Ferry?

  1. You have the same beliefs about life as I do, Birdie, everyone is the same. I don’t believe in celebrity, or even better than. I think we would talk our heads off, if together.
    32.7c is 90f here (I had to look it up), I think that is dang hot! I’ll bet you look really pretty with a tan, your skin is so nice. I can’t tan anymore, I am getting those ugly brown spots on my face so tanning just makes it worse..fake tan does the same, not that I would use fake tan, ha!
    I hope you have a great evening out and that there is air conditioning where ever you go 🙂

  2. I’m not an introvert, but I can relate to a lot of what you’re writing about here. I hope you’ve had a lovely evening and that the heat lifts soon. I feel like the whole world is burning up.

    • I think I told you before that I almost died from the heat when I was on my honeymoon in California. It was not of this world. 110 in the shade. We would stop at pubs and the OJ

  3. Most persons who work outside their homes, especially those in the service industry, are thrilled to return home daily and bask in whatever solitude they can find.

  4. That is hot and with no air conditioning??!!
    May it break soon.
    So proud of you for surviving the visit. Now. Take a day to collect yourself if possible.

    • I intend to. Anxiety Rising. It sounds like my horoscope for the day. I’m going back to sleep and maybe it will be gone when I wake up.

  5. I am proud of you. It isn’t always easy to be nice to someone who isn’t so nice, but I find that the worst part is the anticipation. Once I’m in the moment, I manage pretty well. It sounds like you do, too.

    I have to have alone time now. I’m no longer an extrovert. I need time to re-energize.

  6. You are sexy and golden!!
    We do get awful, humid, dirty heat here…. bleh! Our a/c has been going since May. I think it does give me some additional pain issues to be in fake cold air all the time… but, it’s either that or I go ballistic from peri freaking menopausal sweats and moods.

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