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I went to the doctor yesterday, a different doctor and he was amazing. Earlier this year my GP retired and was replaced with a doctor that is always rushing. (Remember I posted when she spent 12 minutes of a 30 minute appointment to go over my entire health history and do a full physical?) Now, I don’t want to be a princess here and expect special treatment. I don’t think I have ever gone over 15 minutes, a regular appointment time, in my adult life. Even when I was very, very depressed and suicidal I was very aware of how much time I was taking. But there comes a time when you just want to be heard and come up with a treatment plan and just not have a prescription thrown at you as your doctor rushes off to her next patient.  This doctor.  He was so kind. He listened to me. Like, really listened. We came up with a treatment plan together. He even ordered blood work to see if my depression isn’t linked to something else. And, he took me on as a patient! I was too afraid to ask but he very diplomatically said I could see him again and be his patient. Isn’t that great?  So now I am on a new medication (Wellbutrin) and staying on the one I am already on (Zoloft). I go back in a month.

And her. That house guest. She didn’t stay! Nope. She dropped my step-daughter off and went on her merry way to go camping. She will probably stay when she comes back to pick up my step-daughter but that is a future me problem.

I got a probiotic supplement today. But this is not about probiotics but I could write a few pages on them. (Succinctly – You need them.) This is about my total inability to read vitamin and supplement bottles. I had to get a damn magnifying glass! And that is with my reading glasses on. Has the writing always been so small or are the manufacturers making the print smaller so they can write more stuff? Or am I just really showing my age? Maybe don’t answer that.

File 2016-08-10, 3 21 17 PMNorbert has been sleeping in this box for about 5 hours now. How can this be comfortable?

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  1. Wellbutrin and Zoloft target different brain chemicals….maybe this will really be a turning point! Have you ever taken those two together before? What about lamictal?one of my girls had great success with that. Feeling heard will take you far also. I’m so glad you connected with this dr.

    • I didn’t know that about Wellbutrin and Zoloft. How could I have battled depression my whole life and not know that? I haven’t heard of lamictal, unless it goes by a different name here in Canada.

      OK, I just looked it up. Lamictal is for bipolar, which I don’t have. I do have Dysthymia which is depression for a looooooooong time.

  2. Hal-la-lu-ya!! How great is that? I’m so happy for you and especially because you feel happy about it and can be more relieved now that you have a plan.
    Sister in law ? Yippee – well, all I can say is: there are bears in them there woods…if you know what I’m talkin’ about?
    My cat loves to scrunch up like that too, and then she puts her paws over her nose and mouth, what?! I always think she is too dumb and will smoother herself, but, not yet.
    Look, Norbert even got his tail in the box, good kitty.

    • Our last cat used to sleep like yours. It was adorable! We also worried about if he could breathe. He loved until he was 20. But he wasn’t the brightest cat so maybe it was a lack of oxygen thing. But I feel bad saying that because he was the sweetest cat. He could have lived in a nursing home because we was so gentle and had unending love for everyone.

      Bears… Hmmm! 😉

  3. Yay for good doctors! I hope your new med helps :o)

    Not sure how Norbert stays asleep or comfy in that position but it’s awfully cute however he does!

  4. I am so happy that you found a doctor who listens. And hope that your new medication helps loads.
    And yay for not having a houseguest. Yet.
    Norbert made me smile. If he fits (nearly) he sits….

  5. Doesn’t it feel great when you have a doctor that actually listens…and empathizes? And tries his/her best to help? I am so happy for you, Birdie! Hugs.

  6. Great news on the doctor, they should take the time to listen. Glad you found a good one. As for the digestive tract, I am allll about good gut bugs. Have you read The Good Gut? Super interesting and it is one of the reads helped me get stronger and stronger, by fixing my gut bugs, but, I do mine with food. In that, I feed the good bugs what they want. And I don’t feed the bad bugs. Those fuckers can take a hike.

      • I’ve been eating to take care of my belly bugs since I started this journey. The drive and end-goal being, The Dream Poop.

        PS: Tim coined it that, The Dream Poop. He cracks me up, that one.

        PPS: But seriously, so much of what I need to know about mu body is right there in my poop.

      • With the exception of when I had my hysterectomy I have never had trouble in that area. And there is nothing like a great big crap. I don’t care who you are or if you will admit but it takes 10 years off.

  7. Generally my doctors have given adequate time for me to talk about whatever is going on … but sometimes I write things down just so I don’t forget to ask if I have more than one issue going on.
    Good news on the new doc and meds. I didn’t know the two were taken together. Interesting. Hope they help and you feel good changes thru the month.

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