This afternoon I was in a client’s home and I got into a conversation with his wife.  The conversation was about Trump and I said it feels like the end of the world. It is like we are watching the beginning of the end. I was going to post that it feels like the end of the world as we know it and I don’t feel fine. But I am not going to post about that.

File 2016-07-21, 4 17 53 PMInstead I am going to post about my hydrangea. Aren’t the beautiful? Ignore the overgrown lawn. I mowed the front yesterday and will do the back tomorrow some other time.

Yesterday I dismantled the outside table because it is rusted. If anyone had been near me they might have been in danger of being stabbed with a screwdriver. The screws were totally rusted and cross-threaded and it took forever. Today my husband and I sanded the pieces and we will get around to painting them probably by next summer next week.

Ah, what else?  I tore this invasive weed out of the lawn yesterday by hand. It is the crappy evil little thing that only comes out if you rip it out by hand. Oh! I also started some carrots fermenting. Because they are supposed to be good for you. They are sitting on the counter right now fermenting away.

Okay, I am so hungry  I am getting a headache. Off to cook dinner. (Grilled sausage with vegetables done in tin foil on the barbecue.)

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  1. Your flowers are gorgeous, dear Birdie! All I can say about Trump is that I am glad I live in Canada. I do not like him one bit. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous!! colors on your hydrangeas. I had a pale blue one where I used to live, I love them. They would look so pretty together. Drying them is an art in it’s self, hard to do.
    Fermented carrots?! That sounds wonderful. I hate carrots but I bet that would be really good – almost like pickled (?).
    Smokey bbq’d anything sounds great but especially that combination. I’ve got a chicken needs q’in too, maybe I’ll haul him out of the freezer tomorrow…and then, maybe not 🙂

  3. I love hydrangeas. Mine are not blooming as nicely as I wish. Don’t know why. Yours are beautiful!!!

  4. I planted two hydrangeas in my back yard but not the beautiful kind that you have, the hardy kind that will survive our winter. They do have a beautiful scent though.

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