21 thoughts on “Me and My Girl

  1. Your daughter is very, very pretty, Birdie.
    But you, Birdie, well somebody caught you at your perfect moment and you should be very proud of that picture, it cannot be denied. What shines out of you only enhances what is already there. x

  2. You two are the spitting image of each other! Congrats on your daughter’s achievements…I know there was a fearful time when she was younger about how well things would go for her, but it looks like things turned out swimmingly. Sometimes life throws us beautiful gifts (but not all that often).

  3. A picture of both of you at crossroads. Graduation time is interesting. We’ve worked and they’ve worked at it for all these years and it comes and “BAM” surprisingly enough it’s very bittersweet. Look forward to reading about both of your walks.

  4. What a wonderful picture! You can certainly see where your girl gets her beauty (inside and out!). Frame this one – it’s gorgeous. 🙂 xx

  5. You both look so radiant and beautiful; I love the joy here. I logged into my blog today, almost two years after my last entry, and I saw that you had left a comment — thank you so much ❤ I was wondering if you are on Facebook? I've hooked up with some of our old bloggy friends there, and would love to with you too. Let me know; I've left my email *hugs*

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