I am not working today so my husband I went to one of the many farmer’s markets we have in our community. There were children in wagons eating blueberries out of paper sacks and dogs eating carrots off the ground. And everywhere people. It is such a different feeling than the mall. People are polite at farmer’s markets. They wait their turn and say excuse me, please and thank you.

2016-07-10 12.14.12We also went here for a walk that is a literal stones throw from where I grew up. Not my stones throw because I throw like a girl but very close. Most of it is developed now but not this part. A little way from here I adopted a tree when I was about 10 years old. It is still there. I also took a picture of a red headed woodpecker busy tapping away but it is blurry so you will just have to imagine.


Not much new in my world.  We have all come back to earth with a thud after my daughter’s graduation. I bought a keepsake box for her yesterday which will fit all her graduation keepsakes and her prom dress. After I finish this post I am going to go deadhead some roses and prune something with the electric pruner. (Yee haw!)





11 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. What a lovely day, Birdie.
    I am glad you got to “come down” in such a gentle way.
    The box is a very sweet thing to do – she’ll be overjoyed when she looks into it someday.

  2. I enjoy farmers’ markets too. Haven’t been to one yet this year, but the new peas should be in soon so I will go, get a big bagful and eat them raw from the shells. Yum! That’s the only way I like peas.

  3. Our town has a new Farmers Market this summer and I go every Saturday. Many vendors are repeats but some others will come and go. I try to trade with the regulars. I wish I had made keepsake boxes for my kids special events. You’re a good mommy.

  4. Hi. I just wanted to write and tell you that I “discovered” you through another blog (Bless Our Hearts) and have just spent the last half hour or so reading back through your most recent posts. I love how you write and really enjoyed getting to know you, so to speak. -Jenn

  5. Farmers Markets are always so nice to go to. There are 2 of them here in town every Sunday. When I want something without traveling all the way across town to the store, I can usually find it at the FM.

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