Memories and Memories in the Making

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The day they got glasses and before they got braces!

It has been a very emotional couple of weeks here at Ditching the Black Dog.  Tears are behind my eyes most of the time but they are not depressed tears but ones of joy and sadness.  My daughter’s graduation has brought up feelings of being displaced in my job of life. I have been parenting for over 20 years (my son is already out on his own) and now that job is ending. I know. I know parenting never ends but the part of full on parenting is over. I never understood the Empty Nest before but I do now.


(I just noticed our neighbour mowing his lawn. He is moving so slow it looks like a meditation. It is a meditation watching him.)


D&NMy son just left to go back home and my daughter is downstairs getting her hair done for prom by her boyfriend. Yes! He is doing her hair and it looks gorgeous. He is such a nice young man. He is so good to my girl. And she is good to him. He gave her a wrist corsage and I wish I could have captured the look on her face. It was the look of a woman in love. And what more can a parent ask?



10 thoughts on “Memories and Memories in the Making

  1. What a beautiful and hard time this is for you. An ending and a beginning, Birdie.
    Those are kids to be proud of indeed!

  2. I will not try to take one molecule of what you are experiencing away from you. But. I will say that so much lies ahead. Trust me. But bathe in these moments while they are happening. They are unique in your life for sure.

  3. I know exactly how you feel except for the part about young love as my daughter has no boyfriend yet. Because both my kids are still at home and the daughter is going to a local college in the fall and will still live at home I haven’t yet even begun to feel like I have an empty nest. Actually my nest feels way too full and I wish one of them would fly off for a bit. I’m ready for a break from the day to day parenting stuff. Congrats to you daughter on her graduation.

  4. Like Mary Moon said, cherish these moments. You are entering the next phase of parenthood, it’s one that has unique challenges, but many rewards! With three years left (or more) of university for my youngest, I’m scared my nest will never be empty! Lol! It’s a new dawn!
    P.S. I’m coming to your town for a week or so in July. Wanna meet for a coffee or an ice cream or something?

  5. Oh, Birdie, I know all these feelings well! Except for the hairstyling stuff. I don’t think any boy that my daughter has dated has ever done that 🙂 The empty nest is a bittersweet time. I love the freedom and I miss the early years with my kids. Yeah, bittersweet… Happy Canada Day!

  6. This is the season when I really learned what “bittersweet” meant. We all know it’s coming but very few of us moms come through it unscathed. I hope you enjoy every moment that you can and allow the tears to flow as needed. Congrats to you Mom. Well done….a job well done.

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