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NIMG_0031It has been a crazy busy two weeks.  My daughter’s last day of school was on the 21st followed by Dry Grad on the 24th. Dry Grad is a huge, huge party/fun fair without alcohol or drugs.  There is zero tolerance and the police will give you a ride in the their car if you are caught. The police were everywhere plus security. She had her graduation rehearsal yesterday with the ceremony tomorrow.  Friday is the prom. In between all that was my niece and sister’s birthdays plus two doctor’s appointments for my back. Tomorrow I am having everyone back to our house for lunch but I have yet to cut up vegetables for the veggie tray or clean a thing. But that is what I love most about my family. They don’t care about how clean the house is and they will pitch in to prepare the food.


And this. After years of fighting against the Power of Facebook I joined. I give up. They win. Every other person on the planet seems to be on it so I joined. I already have close to 30 people on Friend’s list! (Even I have my fans.)  So if you want to add me send me an e mail and you can follow my boring life with the promise that you will never, ever mention my blog on Facebook.  birdieisblogging@hotmail.com  I will be taking down that address in a few days. Make sure we actually know each other from blogging because I am not about to share my real name with a murderer.



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  1. Ha Ha Ha! I look forward to seeing your posts on Facebook. Just pace yourself — it can be a time suck, but it’s honestly quite fun to “stay in touch” with those who you might not ordinarily get the chance to —

  2. You have had a big week. A big emotion filled week. Huge congratulations to your daughter – and to you. She wouldn’t have got there without your support.
    I haven’t bitten the bullet with FB. I hope you have fun.

  3. Your daughter looks beautiful! Congratulations to her! And I do have FB but to be honest I really don’t post much there, I so much prefer my blog! 🙂

  4. Your daughter is so pretty! Congrats to her.
    There is never a dull moment in your life, Birdie 🙂
    I joined Facebook a while ago and then I kinda forgot about it – that might be why I only have 7 friends..ha!
    I love that you love your family, and that they love you too!

  5. Congratulations to your daughter! All the best to her.
    I’m on Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends that live far away, but I’m hardly ever there. I just drop in every now and then to see what’s up.
    I would love to join up with you, so I’m on my way to send you an email…

  6. Yay! Thanks for the info. I just sent you an email. And maybe you can tell that I also joined WordPress. It feels way too complicated for me. (In other words I don’t know how to navigate it so it aggrevates me). Your life has been busy lately. Mine too.Congrats to your daughter. She’s beautiful! Looking forward to seeing you on Facebook. Love, Lolly

  7. People in CUBA have Facebook accounts and I have no idea how they manage that. It’s a brave new world, woman!
    Your daughter- wow! High school graduation. A huge thing for all of you.

  8. Congrats to your beautiful daughter! I sent you an email. I’m probably the only one without a blog!!!

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