Martha Stewart Exhausts Me

Well today was my youngest child’s last day of school.  13 years of school went by in a blink of an eye. She seems happy and pleased. I am feeling sad and overwhelmed.  But that has how I have been feeling for a few weeks now and it isn’t really related to my daughter graduating. The Black Dog is sniffing around and he brings with him his bitch Anxiety. I hate both of them. It is this feeling of never being enough of doing enough. Right now I have a load of sheets sitting beside me that I have just taken out of the dryer. Martha Stewart would show me how to fold them properly and maybe even put a pretty bow around them. I will likely just roll them into a ball and shove them in the closet. At work I fold a lot of laundry and I do it properly. At home I am too tired to give a shit.

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Forever Young

This is one of my daughter’s grad gifts. It is, “Oh, the Place You’ll Go!” by Dr. Suess. I read Dr. Suess to my kids the day they came home from the hospital and kept reading to them. (Both were reading at a university level in Grade 4.) It seemed only appropriate that I send her off with one last book. The lyrics are from my own class song the year I graduated (1989) so I am giving it to her.


My ear infection is improving and I made the decision to not stay on the oral antibiotics for 20 days. I will continue with the ear drops. But in other news my back is seizing up. Remember last year when I slipped and fell in urine? It is the same injury giving me trouble. If I could take some time off work to rest I could probably get the pain under control but I have to just push through it. Oh, well.

This post took me about 3 hours to write because I kept getting distracted. It is now time for dinner. The laundry is still sitting beside me.



17 thoughts on “Martha Stewart Exhausts Me

  1. Birdie, I hear you! When I was a little girl my mother used to iron the sheets, pillow cases, tablecloths and dish towels. I don’t bother! Why should I? I will only iron something that needs it, but nowadays with dryers and the perma press setting, who needs to? Hang loose and take care. Sending you a big warm hug.

  2. What to say, what to say?? It is all so stressful. When the youngest child graduates it is so overwhelming. I remember. Plus an injury from slipping in urine has to top the cake of Awe Shit!!

  3. What an incredible keepsake. I love gifts that are a little more than store-bought. Like, there’s effort, sentimentality that goes into them to enhance the value. What a great gift.

  4. Congrats on your babygirl’s graduation. Has she got any plans on what to do with her life? Is she going to college?
    OMG! Woman, I totally understand how you feel. When I come home from my workouts I feel like crap. I don’t want to do anything, much less cook, clean or laundry. I’m cutting my workout time down to just one hour and pool time to half an hour. It’s just much too much for me. I’m in my 60’s and I shouldn’t feel so bad.
    As for those two dogs. throw a steak at them and send them on their way. Just tell them, “not today, puppies.” I usually do and it works. I have three black dogs to contend with. Depression, Pain, and Tiredness. It’s very hard to get rid of them, but I’m going to keep trying. Screw Martha!!

  5. Martha Stewart is an obsessive-compulsive, insomniac. She folds sheets in the middle of the night to justify this. I haven’t ironed one thing since 1998. That tells you what my social life is like.

    Screw that black dog, growl back at him, it’s the last things pushy dogs expect.
    I’m consoled by the fact that it takes you three hours to write a blog. It takes me a whole day and then I have to go back and edit three times after I’ve post to correct all the spelling errors. You are not alone. (I actually had to go back and insert three words in this one that I omitted – jeeze…

    I hope the pain gets better and that somehow you do get a rest. And I’m glad the ear is getting better, I think you probably did the right thing with the pills. Sometimes we just have to follow our gut…pun intended 🙂

  6. Nice to know I’m not the only “good enough” laundry folder! 😉 Sorry to hear about your back and the Black Dog, I hope things don’t get as bad as they could (hopefully that makes sense). Sending hugs and smiles ❤

  7. Congratulations to your daughter! It is bittersweet for us moms, no doubt about that. I find myself reminiscing more and more about their early years lately. I’m becoming one of THOSE middle aged people. Both my girls have moved out now and the house is so…quiet. And empty. I love and hate it 🙂

    I read regularly to my kids, too, from day one. They grew up loving books and reading way above their grade level early on. Their spelling and vocabulary is also terrific. I think reading and the love of books is a wonderful thing to introduce children to.

  8. I have to fold our sheets because if they aren’t all neat they won’t fit in our tiny closet. There is barely enough room in there for 4 sets of sheets let alone all the other linens we have but I stuff them all in somehow. Sorry to hear your back is giving you grief. Hopefully it will feel better soon.
    The 21st was my daughter’s last day of school too. She finally started to freak out over graduation. Now we are trying to do all the things I’ve been at her to get done so we don’t have to run around last minute to do. I keep reminding myself that it will all be over by Sunday night and I can collapse into a big heap and sleep for a week.

  9. Hey thanks for coming over my way!! So funny thing about those kids graduating. I loved having my sons close in age they were my little ducklings and I was their mama duck but when they started graduating 1,2,3 in a row I looked back and realized that wasn’t so smart after all having them so close. It was like BAM they were gone and we became empty nesters. Sorry for your black dog, and I’m sure its easier said than done barking back but I sure hope things turn around for you. Let’s not compare ourselves to Miss Martha I wash my sheets and stick them back on my bed – who iron’s anyway let alone fold sheets especially those fitted ones, yeah not happening.
    I’m a Washington girl raised on the west side, live on the east side. I graduated in 1980 yikes that sounds so old now.
    Take care

  10. Very sorry that you’re not feeling well, Miss Birdie – is the new round of antibiotics messing with your belly bugs and making you feel worse? Don’t know, just curious. Wishing you better days ahead.

  11. The black dog has been chasing me as well. WTF!

    I’m prescribing a swim in the ocean for you, or even a walk on the beach. Take care Birdie.

  12. “It is this feeling of never being enough of doing enough.”

    I have felt that way at every one of my children’s graduations, as if there was something I was supposed to be doing that better mothers than me knew how to do. I think your melancholy and anxiety are related to your girl graduating. it is the end of an era. I remember not being sure what to do next, how to be a mother for the next stage. and i ached at the thought of them leaving the nest one day soon, i ached for the long gone days when they were little. it is a joyful time, but it aches, too. Be gentle with yourself dear Birdie. At least you DO the laundry.

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