Like a Naughty Child

I was going to complain that my ear is still infected and the antibiotics don’t appear to be working. I was going to complain that the antibiotics are upsetting my stomach. I was going to complain that I can barely keep my eyes open and this infection is making my head feel like there is a nail in my ear. But I am not going to.  Well, I won’t elaborate anyway.

Because the Naughty Child is once again getting all the attention.

When I was growing up my brother was the Naughty Child. Bless his heart because he has turned out okay despite the fact he should have been dead from drugs and alcohol long before he started going to A.A. But I digress. He was a very, very difficult child to raise. Drugs, alcohol, trouble with the school and in our neighbourhood. Police showing up at the door. At one point he cut a hole in his bedroom wall and covered it with a poster.  He used it to hide pot which he sold out his bedroom window. He got into a lot of trouble. A lot. And then there was me. The good child. Never got into trouble. Never talked back. Always a well behaved and conscientious student. Neighbours called me to babysit and look after their pets while on vacation because they trusted me. I had good friends who were polite and respectful. But I never had the attention my brother did because my parents didn’t have the time to notice or pay attention.

Because the Naughty Child was sucking all their energy.

And today another mass shooting in the U.S. We didn’t hear about anything good and positive that happened today. We rarely do. It as if we get a high from these unfathomable tragedies. We speak in hushed tones and remember the dead and pray for their families. We light fucking candles and hold vigils and utter useless prayers that this will be a blessing for all involved. (I’m sorry. If either of my children die before me it will never be  a fucking blessing.) How about this. I am going to give you 30 seconds to name as many mass murderer/serial killers as you can.  Go ahead! How many did you get? 5? 10? 20? Now I am going to give you until tomorrow to name a victim. How many? One? (Sharon Tait?) Two? Zero?

Because we love to pay attention to the Naughty Child.

Well I have had enough. But not really because I am doing what I most despise. I am giving all my attention to that damned fucking Naughty Child. Because that is what we all do. It is weird and twisted behaviour. What would happen if the news people just said no more. We aren’t going to post anything about these evil fucks. No names of the Naughty Child written on the chalkboard.  No pictures. Nothing but the names of the people who are dead. Like we always say about having a child that is a brat. Stop giving them attention and the behaviour will stop. These lunatics love that their names will go down in history. Tomorrow the magazine racks will be full of everything you ever wanted to know about the killer. The news will be talking about it for days. CNN will go over and over and over the details. They will write books and might even make a movie. I have to wonder if it will ever stop. How much longer? This insane media frenzy wanting to spend all our energy on the Naughty Child. The thing is, I know deep down that it won’t ever stop. It won’t .

And my ear hurts.

15 thoughts on “Like a Naughty Child

  1. I just wrote about something similar today. I am just sick. Sick of who we are and what we have become as a society. I hope to God it stops, but I’m sure you are right.

  2. Negative sells. Negative YouTube video titles get more clicks. This is the way. And you can’t change anyone. But I can stop buying those papers and not click those videos. It’s not much, but it’s what I do, not to feed the beast.

    Sorry your ear hurts. Did your doctor give you proper probiotics to take after the round of antis? Hope so. Feel better.

  3. What a great analysis, Birdie.
    The sad truth, is that it’s all about money. I’m talking about the way we handle it when something like this happens. There’s money in newspapers (virtual or real), there’s money in airtime and the ads that get to play over and over because people want to see it over and over and over. There’s money in the upswing of gun sales, because now people want to “protect” themselves – they’ll shoot the shooter…
    There is no money in knowing who the victims were, what they did, what they could have done.
    Shock makes money – decency doesn’t.
    I think most of the people in this country couldn’t even give you a definition of morality. It’s an old fashioned notion – it’s gone out of style.

    But what’s interesting to me today is that every single one of the blogs that I read, that have written about this today, have said pretty much just what you did. I don’t know how I would cope with these feelings if I didn’t have this little world of loving and empathetic and heart-full people to come to. It really saves me in all this craziness.
    I’m glad you wrote about this.

  4. I am so sorry your ear hurts, Birdie. I haven’t been watching any station on television that is showing the madness, because I don’t need to feel more down that I do at this time, and even if I wasn’t down, watching all that would make me down. Besides, it is done and there is nothing we can do except to pray for the families. Sending you a warm hug and much love.

  5. Hugs…Turn off the media, go hug your kid and take care of that ear. One of the best things I’ve read today is from our Green Party candidate, Dr. Jill Stein, the other and more worthy woman running for president here. Hugs to you!

  6. I think it’s only human nature to want to understand “why” someone has committed an atrocity, in order to try to prevent another such incident in the future. That’s why the killer(s) always get such attention. Unfortunately, we either never do understand, or if we do, take no steps to prevent what we can. And sometimes there’s just no preventing it.

  7. I’m with you on the amount of media attention these fucked-up souls get. They should never be named publicly; they should be only a number, and they should not get the publicity they do via biographies and the like. Sure we want to understand what screwed them up so much that they think killing is a solution for anything; but we should find a way to learn without making them famous, which is what I believe many of them are after.

  8. Birdie- This post has so much truth to it. That’s exactly what’s been on my mind in the wake of these awful shootings. I was really off, until I found a way to write about it, the way you did here. It was a poem. Going to publish it tomorrow. But we have a sick obsession with ignoring the reality of the world we’re creating. It scares the shit out of me for my children. My hands are shaking as I write this.

  9. I wish it was as easy as ignoring them. But these psychopaths don’t stop when the cameras go away. They use the lack of attention as permission to terrorize and traumatize the good children.

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