Not Really a Day Off

It is was my day off yesterday but was anything but a day off. I took my car in yesterday morning for repair so I was stuck at home. I don’t mind being at home but it has to be on my terms. Since I was stuck at home I made the best of it and did 6 loads of laundry and hung them all on the line, changed the beds, dusted, mowed the lawn, swept part of the driveway, planted some flowers, moved a bedding plant, cleaned the bathroom, gathered the garbage for garbage day and changed Norbert’s litterbox. It is days like this that I dream of a housekeeper but I really don’t want a stranger in my house. Our neighbour has a housekeeper and a landscaper and doesn’t work and I wonder what she does with her time. Her grown son lives with her and he doesn’t appear to do anything either. Am I jealous? A little.

Today I got my car back from the mechanic. He offered to buy it from me even thought it has 226, 000 km. on it. It is 20 years old and had nothing wrong with it. I have taken care of it and it appears that it has lots of life it it still. After the mechanic my husband and I went to the beach and pilfered a small bucket of rocks and seaweed for the garden. The car smelled like the ocean afterwards. We also went to Costco and I got out of there for under $200.00.  I am home again and took the 6 loads of laundry off the line and folded and put them away. Actually, that is a lie. I didn’t fold the bedding. I just rolled them up and shoved them into the closet. They will be all wrinkled when I put them on the bed but I don’t care. Right now I feel achy and tired. When I woke up this morning I had grand plans of planting the last planter container but I think that will have to be done another time. It would be nice to have my 2 days off to do nothing but it never seems to work out that way. I have to say that I am envious of people that don’t have to work.

Yesterday my allergies were terrible and I sneezed about 500 times. I was itching like a dog with fleas so I went to the pharmacy to get some Benadryl and that helped. Oh. And yesterday in the garden I walked into a concrete planter. You should see the bruise!

This is such a boring post. I am talking about bruises and allergies. meh

9 thoughts on “Not Really a Day Off

  1. You are amazing, Birdie. If I could do 1/3 of that I would be proud of myself. And I did do 1/3 of that today and I am exhausted and my back hurts. And the sheets are only gonna get wrinkled when you sleep on them anyway. Maybe all that work will help you sleep tonight, hope so.

  2. If I could do a fraction of what you achieve on your ‘day off’ I would be very, very proud. And amazed.
    Not surprised you are tired and achey.
    Look after yourself. Please.

  3. You do a lot of shit on your days off! Holy cow! I’m exhausted just reading this list. And what I wonder, do those people who don’t have to work actually do all day long? Aren’t they bored? I would be bored to tears in a few days.

  4. I’m at home, and all I want to do is work! Maybe your neighbor has poor health and that’s why she has to hire things out. What we all really want is free time when we’re healthy, and the money to enjoy it. Which is of course something I’ll never have. 😦

  5. I have a bad bruise on the back of my right hand. The only problem is I have no idea how it got there. Perhaps I’m turning into an old lady who bruises just by brushing up against something? Hmmm, life’s mysteries.

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