Did She Say That Out Loud?

ddk1I look after some elderly people who definitely missed Racism (It’s a Bad Thing) 101. This morning I was with a lady who was watching that show with Kelly who used to be with Regis. I don’t give any grace to the fact this woman is in her late 80’s. She actually said, and I quote, “I don’t like him. His eyes are too squinty”.  (Seriously.)  “!!!!!!!”, said, I. Actually before I could say anything she asked me if I agree and I said that no I didn’t and hadn’t actually thought about it. Because I hadn’t.

Then this afternoon I was listening to Dire Staits. They had a few great songs in their day. I was singing along and got to, “The little ****** with the earring and the makeup, Yeah buddy that’s his own hair, That little ****** got his own jet airplane, That little ****** he’s a millionaire”.  “!!!!!!!”, said, I. Well, no I didn’t. But I sure as hell couldn’t sing those lyrics. Even by myself, in my car where nobody can hear, those words are offensive.

In other news it is a long weekend here. Victoria Day or something that I don’t actually celebrate because we came here and barged into Canada with our religion and ways of life and made an awful mess of things. But that is what white people often do. Force our way of life on everybody that isn’t us. It is sad and embarrassing.  I am working through the whole long weekend and get paid for a STAT so there is that. There is a parade that I won’t be going to . Have I ever mentioned that I hate parades?  I do. I think it is some sort of trauma from being little and having candy thrown from the floats and never, not once getting a piece. And the fucking clowns.


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  1. Birdie, I love long weekends but I hate parades! Even as a little girl I hated the noise and crowds and I still do, being an HSP and all. 🙂 I hope your weekend will be relaxing and enjoyable. Love and hugs.

  2. Enjoy the weekend! I don’t much like crowds and noise and I’m glad it is a rainy night here…Best to you.

    The woman people used to call a gimp behind my back when I was a kid…

  3. Enjoy your weekend away from the noise…people used to call me a gimp when I was a kid, usually behind my back. All of the “ism” may be politically incorrect, but they still abound, unfortunately. I don’t much like clowns, either.

  4. Ya, that song is a hard one to sing along to because of the lyrics. I don’t mind parades but now that my kids are adults I don’t have to sit in the roasting heat to see them unless I really want to. Our parades are pretty pathetic and I don’t think there are any clowns just lots of boring cars and people. Yes, it’s Victoria Day this Monday. I’m not going to take the blame for anything any of my long dead ancestors did. Heck, I didn’t even know them so why am I to blame for whatever wrong any of my ancestors did? Nope, I have my own crap I’m to blame for already I don’t need to take on any dead people’s stuff too!

  5. Clowns? So not funny. Sometimes tragic, equally often scary. And I don’t like crowds either.
    Both of my parents said some appallingly racist things. They treated individuals as just that, individuals, but some terrible things came out of their mouths… They didn’t seem aware of the inconsistency either.
    Look after yourself.

  6. I’ve never been on a parade, ha. I had an electrician in the house this week and in the 45 minutes he was here he was racist and transphobic. I nearly kicked him out the house.

  7. I think “And the fucking clowns.” has to be some sort of superpowered phrase to end a blog post with because it seems too funny to me haha That does suck about the candy. I’ve been hearing a lot of “ugh” about parades lately and realizing that I never really thought about them other than the crowds and I don’t like mindlessly squishing together with strangers…. Anyways. Have a wonderful weekend. Racism continues to be an active issue but it seems less and less common, which I appreciate…. tricky things, tricky things. Thank you for posting about it and keeping awareness up!

  8. In 1998 I was a caregiver for a 93 year old woman. She was and always had been quite wealthy. When she was young she belonged to a “ladies group” that would go to the houses of “poor” people to give them cakes! etc. She said she always wore white gloves because you just never knew what you might catch there. I don’t think I will ever be able to forget that comment.
    I hate parades too. All that smiling makes me so sad.

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