It’s Friday

friOK, it is not Friday but it is my Friday.  Yes, Monday is my Friday. So whenever everyone else is moping around about it being Monday I am doing a happy dance because I am off for two days.

I am waiting right now to go and pick my daughter and her boyfriend at the ferry. She is 18 and wanted to go to Vancouver with him for the weekend. Every single cell except one in my mother heart didn’t want to let her go and wasn’t going to let her go. I mean, it’s Vancouver. It is not a safe place to be in after dark and even in the daytime in some parts of the city. But that one last cell let her go with multiple rules and check ins. The deal was she had to be in the hotel before dark and let me know when she was coming and going. I trust her completely to obey me because even though in the past she has rolled her eyes at me for putting rules into place she has never, not once, disobeyed me. I am a grateful mother for that. Anyway, the ferry was delayed and delayed and then delayed again until the ferry people canceled it altogether so she is on the next ferry.

I was going to post some pictures that I took this week while I was waiting in my car between clients at work. One was of the huge amount of cottonwood and dandelion spores floating around. It was floating through my car and inside people’s houses. It was like a snowy day. And there was another picture of a black squirrel watching above from the power lines because a Rottweiler was walking by. The pictures of the above are either no longer on my camera or I can’t find them. Either way, you don’t get to see them. I bet you are not all that disappointed because who really cares about pollen and squirrels? Well, I guess I do because I cared enough to take pictures.

2016-05-16 20.03.19Yesterday I saw Norbert and Norbert’s clone at the exact same time. So now I know for sure there is more than one Norbert. If you are new to my blog and want to know what I am talking about you can go here. There may be up to four Norberts. When I ran to see the outside Norbert he disappeared into a black hole/time warp. Or it might have been the neighbours yard. But I know I saw two and this is probably going to be how I am going to die if I let Inside Norbert’s nails get long enough. (He seems to be the leader.) I see they way he stares at me and narrows his eyes. Right now he has a whole house to sit in, wherever he wants, but he is sitting on my new pants. Don’t make fun of his pink collar. He likes it and thinks it’s fancy. His word, not mine.

13 thoughts on “It’s Friday

  1. Dearest Birdie, it sounds as if you and your daughter have a good communication and understanding, and this is great. I like Norbert’s collar. 🙂

  2. My son is 27 and I STILL get nervous when he heads into the city. (By city I mean Chicago) I make him text me when he gets there and when he is on his way home. I can hardly stand it the whole time he is gone. Our cat usually claims the clean load of laundry still in the basket. I love reading your blog. You are so funny. And I take pictures of Squirrels and birds all the time!

  3. Congrats to Norbert on his fancy collar 😉 Hope you have a great “weekend” and maybe you’ll find those pictures and post them later? We’ve been having lots of spores too but we don’t get black squirrels… I did when I went to Western though, I think people called them the “Soviet” squirrels… Anyways. That’s enough random squirrel commentary for one afternoon! *hugs*

  4. It’s so difficult for us to come to terms with out kids getting older, and reconciling our judgement with their own. Each milestone has a point at which we realize that we’ve already done the teaching and we have to hope they learned well. No doubt that last cell in your heart was mocking you with “she’s a legal adult now.” It’s so hard to let go, isn’t it? Hugs to you.

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