Nine Loads of Laundry

That is what I did today.  Five loads of laundry at work and four at home. I still have one more. Granted,  two of the at home loads were small because front load washing machines don’t clean all that well when you throw in a lot of towels. They just get stinky. I also changed 4 beds. Two at work and two at home. And showered some people and emptied catheter bags and gave medications and made meals and visited with old men and women. And visited with young men and women. Unlike yesterday, it was an uneventful day in the life of a Community Health Worker.

But this morning I forgot to put the cream on my eyes for my eczema and now they are burning. I tell you what. Go out to your shed and get some fine grind sandpaper. Go ahead, I will wait. Now rub it all over your eyelids and on that sensitive skin under your eyes. Do that for several minutes. That is how my eyes look and feel. I will put a cold compress on them later which won’t help with how they look but it will help with pain.

In other exciting news. Are you ready? It is back to the cotton bed sheets! Yay! The flannel sheets are off and will be packed away. I am thinking about ordering some new cotton sheets from Costco. I don’t really need new sheets but I want them. My bed is my sanctuary, people. I love it there. And nice sheets is a must. A must. If I got another set I could change the sheets more than once a week which is just more work (which I don’t need) but oh! the payoff! So close to perfection.

I did some more hillbilly decorating last night. It is very stylish. At night I love looking out the window until I fall asleep so I keep the curtains open. But I am too lazy to get up and close them. So last night I tied a string to them so I can just pull the string and they close. I do have to say that I was raised hillbilly. If you want to get down to it my dad worked at the mill and my mom was a cashier. My dad had stock cars in the yard. And other old cars that he was “working on”.  My mom hated it. HATED. IT. She is not only spinning in her grave because my dad has not cut his hair or shaved his beard since she died 4 1/2 years ago (!) he has allowed the yard to look like a wrecking yard. There are cars and wood and piles of crap everywhere. My dad kept the look of his yard and his appearance mostly under control when my mom was alive. Now my brother and sister and I talk in hushed tones about what we should do. But we can’t do a thing because he is 100% there and lucid. And besides. He is the kindest man that has ever walked the earth. The same man that took me and my brother as his own children when our biological father was not able to be a parent. The same man that started paying my mom’s mortgage because she was about to lose the house. The same man that will already be on his way to his truck to come when you call for anything, anytime of the day or night and for any reason. So I say, God Bless the hillbillies. They are good people. Just messy. With a terrible sense of style.

10 thoughts on “Nine Loads of Laundry

  1. If there was a clean sheets fairy I would have clean sheets every day. Every single day.
    Yay for your dad. His huge heart is MUCH more important than his sense of style.

  2. We have hillbilly ways here too. I am proud of them. And your daddy sounds like my husband. Okay, he doesn’t have THAT many cars he’s working on and I think he’d cut his hair and trim his beard if I died but I can’t be sure of that. However, he, too, is already on his way to the truck if anyone needs him. Perfect description.
    And I’m completely with you on clean sheets. Absolutely. The best.

  3. I only have one set of sheets. I just wash them and put them right back on the bed. I’ve been thinking of perhaps getting a second set, but that may be a little excessive. LOL

  4. I have trouble changing sheets on my own so do not do it as often as I would prefer since I have to have help…As long as your municipality doesn’t get on his case for all those cars, your Dad is cool. He sounds wonderful.

  5. I also have eczema, Birdie, and I even get it on my eyelids as well. Talk about a lot of laundry! Kudos to your dad. 🙂

  6. You are a busy bee at best. Being busy does help the day go faster but it will wear you down too. I love being busy with work around the house. I just wish I had the energy to keep going. Also, I need to get my butt to the store and buy some sheets and towels. I haven’t bought anything for this house in ages.
    My dad was the same way. Loving and caring in every way possible.

  7. You are so fortunate in your Dad. I hope the burning stops quickly. I love a fresh bed but rarely have one as I have difficulty changing sheets now. Hugs.

  8. Sounds like your job gives you quite the work out! You deserve a comfy clean bed after all your hard labor! You’ve got to sleep well so you can do this all over again! ❤

  9. I liked this post, Birdie, especially when you wrote about your dad. My father was a clutter bug, too, and of sound mind. There’s not much the kids can do about it when parents get like that.

    Is there anything as comforting as clean sheets. Someone once commented on my blog that they always put new sheets on the bed before they leave for vacation so their bed will be so comfy when the first night they return.

    You work too hard, Birdie. Too hard, but I know there isn’t much you can do about that. 😦

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