I have a small break between clients this morning and I am currently sitting across the street from a Unitarian church. I don’t think it is a church group meeting because it is Saturday (the sign says service is Sunday) and everyone is dressed in very casual clothes.  The “Why” of this post is this. Why is every woman wearing black Capri pants? 

Now there is a woman at a bus stop taking selfies while her daughter runs all over the place. It is a busy road.

The weather today is perfect.   Sunny with a beautiful wind and about 20 C.

The mom just put sunscreen on her daughter so now she gets a gold star. 

Another woman just walked in wearing black  Capris. And another one. They aren’t an exercise group because they aren’t wearing the proper footwear. 

Why are you all wearing black Capris?


Okay. I have to go back to work.  


8 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Don’t you know? Black capri’s back you look slimmer and go with everything! Either that or it’s the “casual funeral club” dress code! 😉

  2. The weather is the same here in Montreal, Birdie, sunny, beautiful and around 20! I took a long walk in nature (2 hours) and really enjoyed it. 🙂

  3. I’ve notice that every woman I see in the States wears black yoga pants that flare out a bit at the bottom, what we’d call leggings I think (I’m not an expert on female clothing!) but here in the UK they don’t flare out at the bottom. It looks like every woman has just left the gym.

  4. I don’t own a pair of capris (I’m more of a pretty summer dress kind of woman). I have to agree with llcool though…every other woman around here seems to have just left the gym in their yoga pants!

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