For My Mom

My mom would have been 70 today.  I was OK most of the day but now I am a little sad. I sure miss her.




14 thoughts on “For My Mom

  1. 70? Your mom was a young woman when she left you! Happy birthday wonderful momma who raised your beautiful birdie with the kindest spirit. She is living on through your kind heart Birdie.

  2. Your mom was beautiful! That light in her eyes speaks volumes.

    I’m thinking about my mom today too. It was her birthday today…she would have been 59. I miss her too. Xox

    Happy Mother’s Day Birdie.

  3. I think it’s really sweet of you to post this and I think it’s okay to be a little sad for good reason. Sadness is beautiful and wonderful sometimes, and this sadness seems to be that type of special sadness to me. Happy Birthday, Birdie’s mom and Happy Mother’s Day Birdie ❤

  4. I wish I had a mom as wonderful as yours. I’m so sorry that you are missing her. I don’t think thinking of her everyday is a bad thing for you. It should help keep her memory alive in your heart. So don’t feel depressed by her being gone so soon in your life. Sing her praises. You had a wonderful mother.
    My mother, on the other hand, is a mean spirited woman who drove my dad to an early grave. I don’t think I can ever forgive that woman for what she did to my dad and me.

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