It is the First of May!

It is May 1st and outside it is being May 1st as hard as it can be. It is simply glorious! Birds and bees and creatures doing what they do and as if they meant it. I just came in from having my coffee outside. It is almost noon and I am still in my pajamas . After I post I intend to go outside and take Norbert with me and give him a brush. Because his fur also knows it is May 1st.

File 2016-04-29, 11 05 40 PMLook what my husband bought me. I love her. She hangs from a string so I have to decide where I want to hang her. I love her because most mermaids are thin and beautiful but she is fat and beautiful in her own way.  Ever since I was little I have had things hanging from the ceiling so she will likely find a home up there. That actually reminds me of when I was little I would hang upside down on the couch and look up at the ceiling. Those were the days when they ceiling was white with sparkles. Do you remember that? I made up my mind to get married up there. It hadn’t yet crossed my mind that it was not possible but I thought it was the most beautiful place in the world. I once took my mom’s full size mirror and  put it on the floor to try to get there. I was about 3. Needless to say that I broke the mirror and my mom was upset about it but I don’t remember her being upset once I told her the reason.  It is one of my first memories. Another one was being in Sears and losing her. It was probably only a minute or two but the sun may as well have disappeared. It was beyond scary. Scary isn’t the word. It would be like waking up and the sun had vanished. It was that bewildering. When she died that was how it felt. It would have been her 70th birthday on May 5th but I am starting to see the good in her dying. She was sick and not living a good life. Or even a mediocre life. It was a life full of sickness and cancer and awfulness. I am glad that she will never get old and demented or have to live in a nursing home or wear a diaper or have to be fed. Of course I wish she had lived a good and healthy life and was here living it with my (step) dad but there is beauty in being released from living.

“There is a reason God limits our days.’
‘To make each one precious.”
― Mitch Albom, The Time Keeper

hpIsn’t this pretty? We went for a walk here the other day. The picture doesn’t do it justice. This is a meadow near where I live. There is a wild flower here that only grows in this and one other spot in the world. The area is owed by developers and will likely be full of houses one day but right now there is a $50, 000 fine if anyone takes a vehicle in this space. A land trust group was trying to buy the land but I don’t know what happened to that idea.

One of you was asking about Mason bees. Mason bees are awesome! All over the planet honey bees are suffering. It is a serious global problem. We need bees and honey has nothing to do with it. We need bees to pollinate. Because most of us don’t have the time or knowledge to keep honey bees we can do something else. Mason bees! Mason bees live here in the Pacific Northwest and rarely sting. We have been keeping them for 5 years and have never been stung. Anyone can start a hive. All you need it the cardboard tubes. You can make them yourself or buy them. We choose to buy them.

The female will lay one to two eggs each day for the entirety of her life, each one in its own cell and provided with ten days worth of food. Once the proper amount of nutrients has been stored for the larvae, the cell is plugged with mud by the female. Once the eggs hatch, the larvae will spend the next ten days eating the supply, and then nit themselves into pupae stage. Though the pupae reach full maturity by fall, they go into hibernation and do not break from their cocoons until early spring. The newly hatched bees will mate almost immediately, and the females will head out on their own to find new holes to nest in. source

9 thoughts on “It is the First of May!

  1. Happy May Day! I know about the worldwide bee problem and colony collapse from reading a bit about it. Unfortunately, where I live, the idiots that currently run our HOA use a company that uses pesticides on the grass…I wish I could keep some bees. The whole thing makes me sad and angry.

    • I find that in condos, townhouses and apartments they care more about a nice green lawn than the environment. Or neighbour can’t understand why we just don’t throw Round-up on the dandelions on our lawn. (We dig them out by hand.) I have to bite my tongue but I wonder if her using Round-up has contributed to her husband dying of cancer last year and that her grown son who lives with her now has cancer as well. We also live a few metres away from a stream and there is no way that is can be good for anything dumping that shit in there. And for what? A lawn that looks nice?
      I think whenever we can do whatever we can we should do it. I still drive a car and have a bath every night and won’t be giving up either but there are some things that we can do that make a small difference. 😉

      • I agree Birdie…I wish I could manage a house on my own or afford to go live in BC where people are more environmentally conscious. Monsanto is evil.

  2. I LOVE your mermaid. What a fun thing to have in the garden. And the bee stuff. Love that. I’ve been looking into adding something similar to my garden. I’m surprised at myself for not having thought about it all this time. Shameful!

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