A Mish Mash

On Tuesday my husband and I went away for two nights to a place that is off the grid.  It is in the middle of nowhere, has no phone line, internet service or electrical. It runs entirely on solar power and propane. The house itself is made of cob. If you are really interested (and it is interesting!) you can look at their website here. It is usually quite expensive to stay but we got a deal through a website like Groupon. We would love to go again but the regular rates are beyond what we can afford but it is was definitely a cool experience.

The last few weeks I had writing about weaning off my anti-depressant medication and started having a hard time when I got down to the lowest dose. (Several of you were wondering why and it is explained in the posts I had written earlier so just look back if you didn’t understand.)  I am now back to the dose that was in between the lowest and my regular dose and I am feeling more settled so won’t likely go back to the highest. It is much easier now that the weather is nice and there is a sun that can actually be seen. I live in the Pacific Northwest and there is a lot of cloud most of the year.

Did I mention I am holidays this week? I am! I get three weeks every year which is not near enough but I will take what I can. Other than going to Stoltz Bluff I have no plans. I have been working with my loom and currently making an infinity scarf. It is coming along really fast. After it is finished I am going to try using the bigger loom and make a blanket.

That is about it. I will be catching up on your blogs in the next bit. Right now my husband and I are going for a walk and then to the Feed & Seed store. One thing we buy is Mason bee tubes. It is actually funny because we have a lot of Mason bees now that live around our home. We never did before we started with the tubes. We have about 50 tubes outside now and they are all filled up so we need more. We also need to get some lettuce and cilantro plants because it is that time! Time for a garden!

Oh! One last thing. The eczema around my eyes is getting better. The prescription my doctor gave me was a toxic sludge and I refused to get it filled. After a lot of research I found something called EpiCarem which I believe is a prescription  in the United States but sold over-the-counter here in Canada. After calling several pharmacies, no one had ever heard of it, I found a pharmacy that would order it in for me. It is quite expensive, a 30 gram tube is about $30.00 but I figured I would only need a small amount since it was for around my eyes. Before I ordered it I contacted the company who assured me it was safe to use in that area. It isn’t a cure and I have to use it 2-3 times a day but is has made a big difference.


12 thoughts on “A Mish Mash

  1. I absolutely love how you and your husband get out and about to do a bit of traveling. You’ve been to some fabulous places over the past year!

    • It is very nice. We can’t afford a big holiday so we wait for the deals. My husband is retired and on a pension so it is cool to find a good deal.

  2. As with everything- there is a price to pay. I am so glad y’all got to get away. I am so glad the creme is helping.
    Sending love, Birdie. It’s a long way from here to there, but I hope you get it.

  3. Ah, so that is why I haven’t “seen” you around until now, dear Birdie. I did look at the website, what a fascinating place. And I am glad that you took some time to get out and enjoy just being! Hugs.

  4. So glad you found the creme and enjoyed your hols…I have never heard of a Mason’s Bee tube, can you explain? Also, thanks for your comment about my post. You’re right.

  5. I’ve heard of EpiCarem through a friend. It worked great for her but it’s very expensive if you don’t have insurance. I’m going to mention it next time I go to see my doctor. I hate steroidal cream. Enjoy your time off. It will be a great time to heal.

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