It is back to work for me tomorrow.  I had my two days off and I feel only a smidgen rested. Oh, well. Such as it is.

Yesterday I did all my around the house crap. Laundry x 5. Or was it 6 loads? Cleaned the bathroom, changed the beds, mowed the backyard. I had to go to Costco and then the regular grocery store. It was great because it was so quiet at both stores and on the highway. It was like the rapture had taken place.  My daughter had come along, bless her, and helped me deal with the people that were there. I don’t know what I am going to do when she moves out. But then I probably won’t have to go to Costco anymore.

Today I mowed the front lawn and my allergies are taking over my body. My eyes are so sore. The eczema around my eyes is really, really bad at the moment. And so attractive!  I am not kidding, I look like hell. Did I already talk about this? I had gone to my doctor about it who prescribed this cream called Elidel. But here is an interesting tidbit. It may cause skin cancer. The Pharmaceutical Company says there has been no definitive link between the use of Elidel and skin cancer but I am not going to risk it. I also went to my Naturopath who only seemed to want me to have a test that costs $800.00 and sell me a supplement that costs $125.00/month. Again, not covered.

After weeks of looking into different things (eliminating foods from my diet, Epsom salts baths, different creams, no soaps… an endless list) I discovered something called EpiCarem that is sold over the counter but has to be ordered. It is expensive and not covered through my extended coverage (the Elidel is, of course) but I am getting desperate. The problem this year is in the Pacific Northwest we are having an early and very warm spring and there is fucking pollen everywhere. Even when I was little I had problems in the spring but things got better when I had my kids. Since my last baby was 18 years ago my allergies are getting worse. OK, I am rambling. I pick up this new cream tomorrow and I am hoping that it works even just a little. I would take a picture of my eyes but they are too gross.

Tonight I made the best coleslaw ever. And some roasted vegetables that are also amazing. Now it is time for me to have dinner.

I am reading your blogs. Just not always commenting. xo


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  1. Sorry I haven’t been by for a while…
    Seems my days are crazy busy lately…
    Hope your eyes get better…
    Linda :o)

  2. Your dinner sounds delicious. I hope you find something to help your allergies soon. I used to get terrible spring allergies and my eyes would swell up and get all puffy around the lids. By the second week of spring I’d start looking like I had two black eyes….so attractive…lol. For some mysterious reason, after Colt was born my allergies all but vanished. It’s been 12 springs now and I’m still so thankful not to be suffering like that. I will keep my fingers crossed for you that this early spring comes and goes and all the pollen clears so you can get back to normal! xox

  3. My eyes are itchy and sore this time of year from pollen and whatever it is that I’m allergic to and it’s annoying but I’ve never experienced what you’re going through.
    As to all of the elimination diet things and supplements- Jessie went through that several years ago, working with a naturopath. She was incredibly compliant and truly stuck to the very restrictive diet and took all of the supplements and on and on and on to the tune of many small fortunes and none of it helped a bit.
    The main result is that she never wants to eat certain foods again- the ones she was “allowed” on that diet.
    I suppose sometimes these things help but not always.

  4. I too have allergies that aggravate my eyes and make them itchy and watery. My son works for an eye surgeon and he told me to use Johnson’s baby shampoo, the No Tears formula. In the shower put a pea size drop of baby shampoo on one index finger and then rub together with your other index finger. Close your eyes, don’t squeeze your eyes shut, just close them and gently scrub the lashes back and forth a few times, then rinse. I noticed a difference in two days! No itching or redness!! Not sure how this might effect your ezcema tho.

  5. I would have been by here yesterday but I had a mind blowing migraine that felt like it wanted to do me in. This morning it’s completely gone so I only posted a really bad joke on my blog. I’ve been up since 5:30 this morning doing house chores and only feel like I’ve made a tiny dent in the laundry and cleaning.
    I would go to a good dermatologist. I found out I have a bad case of eczema called Seborrheic Dermatitis. Because of my low immune system, it seems to be always with me and won’t go away. It’s like luggage, you can’t get rid of it.

  6. My friend has some bad red flaky “scabies” stuff around her eyes that the docs can’t figure out and she just has to bear. She tries so many different things but it just waxes and wanes based on so many different variables she’s simply along for the ride…. I wonder if your eczema is of a similar plague? Sorry to hear this, it sounds so frustrating! When I see my friend I think, “At least if I had it I would have my glasses to hide behind, but she has nothing!” somehow it makes things seems more bearable to me…. Rambling. Sorry! Thinking of you ❤

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