An Un-Post

ebSometimes I feel like I have a post within me but when I go to write it I have nothing. While driving around today between clients/patients I had some great ideas for a post and I can even tell you where I was when I thought of them but now I have nothing. I can tell you that I went 7 hours without going to the bathroom today. My bladder must be the size of a exercise ball.





I came across this picture while Googling pictures of exercise balls. Oh, my! It is very… interesting.



Well isn’t he just better than everyone?




Yeah. I got nothing. It is time to end this post and let you get back to your lives.

9 thoughts on “An Un-Post

  1. That is a strange looking ball with the little legs. 🙂 I keep a small spiral notebook and pen in the car and one in the house so I can write down any ideas that come to me. Who can keep all that stuff in ones brain? We have bigger things to remember!

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