My Days

I probably shouldn’t write a depressing post like the last one and then just not write anything for days. Because mostly I am feeling good. Some days I feel very good.

Last week I had to deliver a what is called a Care Plan to a lady. A Care Plan is pages of information about our clients/patients describing their diagnosis and, well, plan of care. It contains signing sheets of medications and certain medical procedures. I dropped off a Care Plan for an elderly lady and she was so glad to see me. She said she had been bored and was feeling lonely. Unfortunately, I did not have time to visit long with her because I had to drive a fair distance to get to my next client but as I drove away she blew me kisses from her door.

There is another lady I see that is an elder in her tribe. I could sit with her forever because she is the epitome of everything an elder should be. She is wise and patient and has a lifetime of stories. Sitting with her is one of the highlights of my week. There is another woman I see who is completely blind and amazes me with ways she has learned to cope and get around. She is Catholic and has a deep faith in God, whom she credits for her ways of dealing with living in a world that is not seen with her eyes.

Let me tell you about yesterday. I will blame it all on Fucking Daylight Savings. Mornings, in my opinion, are the basis and beginning of everything that is bad. I hate them with a soul burning fury. My mom used find me in my crib at 2:00 a.m., wide awake and bouncing in my crib, happy and laughing. I think Mary’s son Hank said it perfectly when he said that nighttime has so much opportunity. It does! I can stay up all night with no problem. Even when I go to bed early getting up in the morning is not easy. So bring on Fucking Daylight Savings. I am now getting up at 5:30 IN THE MORNING. I had a terrible sleep to begin with because I like night and getting to sleep is never easy. After dragging myself out of bed my day went downhill. It is all First World Problems but they were still problems. The first was my work iPhone stopped working and reset to factory conditions. That means I had no access to my schedule of clients, no way of checking in and out of my shift and no way of even contacting anyone to let them know this had happened. I had to go to 7-11 and use their phone to get information on where my first client is. I was about 20 minutes late for him and I was running late all day long. At one point I go see a lady that is 194 years old. I am so far behind at this point it was ridiculous and ceased to even matter.  This is what happened. Picture in slow motion. (I have 15 minutes.)

I open her door. She has to go to the bathroom. I wait 10 minutes. She comes down the hallway clomping along with her walker. Snail like. I want to grab her and rush her along. She gets to the table and puts on her glasses. They are the wrong ones. She takes them off. She reaches for another pair and puts them on. No. The first pair was the right pair and she put them back on. She then looks for a pen. First one. Doesn’t work. Second pen. Doesn’t work. Third pen. It works. Then she starts to leaf through pages and pages of documented blood sugar levels that she started documenting in the 60’s.  She then needs to check today’s date. I tell her but she doesn’t believe me. She then goes to do her insulin. She can’t remember how many units. She remembers and injects herself. I then hand her her morning medications. She needs to count the pills. (I am almost shaking at this point. She has taken about 15 minutes since getting to the table.) Finally she takes her medication and she has to use the toilet again. Off she goes. No matter, I am no longer needed here. Off I go.

The next address is down a lane that I didn’t even know existed and I have never lived anywhere else but here. I am very late. The lady is very kind and patient and I want to hug her. I go on with my day and I need to add that is pouring. It is a true I-live-in-a-rain-forest rain. My umbrella is a gigantic golf (rainbow!) umbrella  and I am still getting soaked. It is raining so bad that the ferries are cancelled. I am grumpy and tired and cold. Oh, because of my problem with my iPhone I didn’t have time to get my morning coffee and I am surly as hell. Every person I saw had problems that needed to be reported to my Nurse Leader but I don’t have a fucking phone to report them! When I got home I was tired and crabby. So last night I went to bed at 6:30 and slept right through to 7:00. I woke once and went right back to sleep.

Today was better and when I came home I even had energy to change the beds, clean the bathrooms and do a few loads of laundry. It is now my days off and I intend to do nothing for the next two days except get my hair cut. Because it looks like this.


bad hair day

And get my eyebrows done because they look like this.



23 thoughts on “My Days

  1. Oh my, must take the patience of a saint for what you do.

    Maybe you can find a patient who can also wax your eyebrows at the same time you assess / help her … now wouldn’t that be a thought? 🙂

    • Haha! I do have one that used to be a hairdresser. Just today she was looking at my hair and telling me that it was not a great cut. And she’s right!

      • Maybe you could get her to fix it for you … but from what you’ve described it sounds like there are some slow-movers in the group you see — she might take 3 or 4 hours just to do your hair. 😉

  2. I am a morning person. After dark is bedtime as far as I am concerned. In reverse, I do understand JUST how you felt. And I am so glad today was better.
    And I love how many delightful people you visit. Karma at its best.

  3. I can always get to sleep but I can never wake up no matter how long I sleep. It takes me hours to feel wide awake and thus why I hate mornings. Sorry to hear about your phone messing up your whole day.

  4. OMG!! LEVY EYEBROWS!! EEEEWWWWWWw!! That snail-like old lady would make me crazy. I would probably be saying, ” Come on, chop chop Mrs. So-and-so. I don’t have all day.” And that is why I am not a nurse.

  5. You pics. Yes. Thank you! Thank you! Sending support and love out of thin air since I am running on fumes here 🙂 Keep being awesome (ps you don’t have to try).

  6. Do you even have a clue how grateful friends and family member are to you for the work you do? Meanwhile try Sorme Browstyle on your eyebrows. Great exchange for expensive eyebrow coloring.

    • I was just having them waxed which has become so expensive. I’m in the wrong business!
      I do love my job and I am always so glad when I can make the life of family and friends easier. It is hard work caring for a loved one in the best of circumstances. If I can make anyone’s life easier and better then I have done my job.

  7. The photos made me smile, Birdie, thanks so much for sharing. Thanks, as well, for all your kind and encouraging comments throughout my depression, I want you to know that it means a lot to me. Hugs.

  8. Birdie, long time no see.
    We are now at the receiving end of caring (one of us is – not me) and I cannot sing the praises of the carers highly enough. I make damn sure that I tell them how much we appreciate them.

    They are all of a special mindset: calm, warm hearted, friendly, patient, efficient, caring. It isn’t given to everybody to become a carer.

    I have only recently attempted to kick the black dog out of my life for the time being, it’s beginning to work.

  9. Don’t throw anything at my but when I can, I love to wake at 4:30 in the morning and get straight to work. But then, I work at home but still, even when I was a prep cook, I loved the early hours.

    However, this change the clock business. That could go.

    • Because it is you I won’t throw stuff but promise me you will never become one of those old people that get up at 4:30 and freak out when Home Care is not there on time even though you are not going anywhere.

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