Best Part of the Day 

When I have worked a long exhausting day and I finally get to lay down on my bed and it is there, fully supporting me. Blankets. Pillow. Bliss! 

15 thoughts on “Best Part of the Day 

  1. Hi Barbara….
    I have been negligent in visiting and commenting….sorry about that!
    I read back thru a few posts…
    Looks like you had a nice little getaway with hubby….nice!
    Your daughter will change when she gets her own place…..hopefully! :o)
    You seem in a better frame of mind….happy for you!
    We are into our last week here in paradise….*sigh*….having a swell time!
    Enjoy your weekend….
    Linda :o)

  2. That was a recent question of the day on my blog. “Do you like going to bed more or waking up more?” I enjoyed crawling into my bet last night especially with bills paid and taxes done.

  3. Makes me greatufl when I think of all the long nights staring at the clock. Thinking “If I go to bed now I’ll get 5 hours..4…3…2…1…well, time to go to work!

  4. Ahhhhhhh. I was snuggling pretty hardcore myself this morning but that was not wanting to get out of bed, not deserved after a hard day’s work! 😛

  5. Bliss indeed! Love my bed so much, every night after work that feeling is sooooo good!

    Read your post about your daughter and her bathroom. I’m a once a week bathroom cleaner too, although of course the toilet gets done more often and the sink too if it needs it. I’m afraid housework is really low on my list of priorities and now one part of me feels totally ashamed making this confession so publicly. The other part of me just doesn’t care and is kicking up my heels and running off to play and do something much more fun! Sometimes I wish I enjoyed housework….sigh.

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