Feeling Un-Bloggy

I just haven’t had any blog ideas lately. Last Thursday I went back to work and I can tell you I would really enjoy not working. All things considered I enjoy my job but I am just getting too old for the physical part of it.

In other news…

  • Today Norbert caught a moth then ate it. I felt rather proud of him.
  • This afternoon I told my daughter to clean her downstairs bathroom. She got all huffy and said this.

“But I cleaned it, like, a week ago”.


I don’t know if I am more bothered by the use of the work like or the part about not needing to clean a bathroom more than once a week.

OK. Time for bed.


19 thoughts on “Feeling Un-Bloggy

  1. When you say “clean the bathroom” what does that entail … I’m not sure I even clean my bathroom weekly. I do empty the trash about every 4 days — it’s nowhere near full and I only clean the toilet when it just get that graze of an end of a scum line. Oh, and when guests come over … which is really sporadic.

    • My daughter is not the cleanest person and a week in that bathroom is like a gas station restroom. It gets so gross. Last time I went in there she had women’s products (used) shoved under the counter and in drawers.

      • Oh, I’m not like that … I don’t even have “women’s products” anymore. Bye, bye uterus! My cabinets look like old lady medicine drawers — full of pills for my neck osteoarthritis — and most of them are useless muscle relaxers and NSAIDS … blah blah blah.

        How old is your daughter? I’m guessing around 13? (period time)

  2. I can remember my partner telling me he was going to clean our bathrooms. Less than ten minutes later he returned and sat down, saying he had finished. I told him he had done a half-arsed job. Bless his heart he was indignant and told me ‘How can you say that! You haven’t even looked.’ True I hadn’t. Just the same two showers and two toilets, not to mention the handbasins take longer than that. Even if they aren’t gross.
    Lovely to see you back in the blogosphere.

  3. Don’t worry. When she’s living on her own she’ll want her home to look like the one she grew up in, so she’ll clean more often. Worked that way for me.

  4. The pigs in my house would go months before changing their bedding, cleaning the bathroom or doing just about any other chore. I have to constantly be on them or they will leave it as long as they can get away with it. I’m afraid of what their homes will look like when they move out. I know I won’t be visiting often if they never clean.

  5. OMG! I have to clean the bathroom nearly every other day and it’s just the two of us. David is amazingly messy.
    Not feeling bloggy is how I felt last week. If I were you I’d take a week off and recharge. It’s a wonderful feeling. I felt great after my time away from the computer.

  6. I laughed out loud at your daughter’s answer about the bathroom. Kids! So funny. WIt till she she has her own place. She will probably do better. 😀

  7. Not feeling bloggy either. My housekeeper cleans my bathrooms every two weeks. Meanwhile the primary bathroom catches a few swipes between her visits. As a teenager I didn’t know about domestic chores because I was preparing to marry a wealthy prince and have servants.

    • And did you?
      I was doing chores at nine. My biological father left so my mom went to work full-time. I was doing pretty much everything including cooking full meals by the time I was 12. I really don’t know what happened to my daughter. Kids today have such a sense of entitlement. I grounded her a few weeks back for leaving dirty dishes laying all over the place. She hasn’t done it since. 😉

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