Dine Around Town

Earlier this week my husband and I were on Quadra Island because we got a deal at one the resorts on the island. Yesterday and today we are in Victoria for the Dine Around town. More good deals! Our hotel is usually about $160.00 a night, we got it for $99.00. If I wanted you to think highly of me I would say that I am thrifty but that is not the case. I am cheap. I don’t like paying full price for anything. But it goes a step further. I don’t like paying anywhere close to full price for anything. How the Dine Around Town works is it aims to get people that live in the community to get out and try things where they live  and they offer crazy good deals.  Last night we went to one of the restaurants and I ate way too much. It is rare that my husband and I go out for meals so it was a real treat.

Oh, this was funny. A lot of hotels are now allowing pets. This morning I heard a dog whimpering  at one of the guest’s door as we were waiting for the elevator. I made a comment to my husband that I didn’t know that this hotel allowed pets. The whimpering turned into a loud squeal. Really loud. Let’s just say it wasn’t a dog.

I think we went to four bookstores today. Fortunately my husband loves bookstores and reading as much as I do. It is like a book lover’s paradise because you could easily spend the entire day in just bookstores here. One of them is called Munro’s. It was started by the husband of the author Alice Munro. Another one of the bookstores is huge. I mean HUGE! It is two levels of a mix between used and new book. It has rare and hard to find books which I love. We stopped in a Chapters for a bit but only because I needed a birthday card for my son.

Anyway, my feet are sore from walking all day and I am getting sleepy. Good night!

14 thoughts on “Dine Around Town

  1. But did you buy books?
    I have almost total sales resistance – except for books and plants. Where I have none.
    I am so pleased that you are having a good time. And a well deserved break.

  2. I love a deal, too. I wish we had something like your Dine Around Town. It would definitely encourage me to try new places. When we lived just outside of Annapolis, MD, the restaurants would offer deals to the locals in the winter, when the tourists were scarce. It was pretty nice, and we did take advantage of it. Sounds like you’ve been having fun lately. Good for you.

  3. HI Barbara….
    Looks like you are having a sweet time…
    When do you go back to work?
    So…..what was going on in that room? Tee hee hee….
    Linda :o)

  4. Sounds awesome! Lot more fun than what I’ve been up to 😉 Too funny about the whimpering, totally took me a solid second to put it together. D’oh. Love shopping for cards at bookstores, I swear they can be better than Hallmark! Local artists and the like can really rock my socks. Safe travels and a happy birthday to your son….

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